This Is What A Fangirl Is Not

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Fangirls. It appears silly that in 2015 they’d be viewed as something but awesome. Fangirls are the foundations (typically economically) of some of the prime touchstones in our culture, and they wield all sorts of mighty power that can quite seriously make or break a distinct music act, Television show, movie, etc.

So why do fangirls occasionally nevertheless have to defend themselves? The most quick answer is likely that the whole idea of “fangirling” is misunderstood. That is why Amplify, a self-described “entertainment hub for teens,” took the liberty of talking to some actual fangirls to clear up some of this confusion.

The fangirls in this video all self-determine as fangirls, and then they go a step additional, speaking openly about what they’re not, which, for a fangirl, is just as important to her identity. For instance: “I’m a fangirl, but I…”

And there’s lots far more where that came from in the video above. So, what fangirl stereotypes do you wish you could break down?


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