Kylie Jenner Wore A Shirt With Her Personal Face On It

While most of us hope that undesirable pictures are purged quickly from the World wide web/life, Kylie Jenner is, clearly, not like most of us. In reality, she wears her negative photos on her sleeves — actually.

Kylie just shared a photo of herself wearing a shirt with her face printed on it, which is meta as hell and straight-up hilarious. Possibly we ought to all embrace our worst photographs by obtaining them printed on shirts — it is like exposure therapy, proper?

Unsurprisingly, Kylie’s fans are taking to Twitter to let her know how badly they want shirts for themselves.

Any individual else smell a new company venture?


Selena Gomez Wore A lot more Outfits In 24 Hours Than Most Men and women Put on In A Week

Selena Gomez is in Paris for Style Week, and when she’s not sitting in the front row at shows, she’s changing outfits. Like, so several outfits — she’s only been there 1 day, and she’s already wowed us in five completely various appears.

Thanks, Selena by the time Style Week ends, we’ll have enough outfit inspo to last us for months. See all Selena’s looks (so far) below.

  1. As previously discussed, Selena arrived in Paris in a sweatsuit. Although it may look like some thing you’d put on on a plane, I assure you, it is not — it’s a cool $ 1,400, OK??

  2. Following her arrival, Selena changed into a bodysuit that was held with each other by nothing at all but string, a denim miniskirt, and open-toe, thigh-high boots. This is one of two denim skirts she wore in 24 hours, just so you know.

  3. From there, she went ultra glam in a Ronald van der Kemp dress. She obviously knew she looked 🔥, so she kept her sunglasses on, even though it was nighttime.

  4. For the Louis Vuitton show, Selena wore her second denim skirt of the trip. Selena, I’m just not positive we’re prepared for the return of jean skirts. I’M JUST NOT Certain.

  5. Later in the day, Selena changed into yet another Louis Vuitton outfit — no denim skirt in sight, thankfully.


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Glamour's Sophia Chabbott poses in the outfit she wore to her Orthodox Jewish divorce ceremony.

Glamour’s Sophia Chabbott poses in the outfit she wore to her Orthodox Jewish divorce ceremony. Kelly Sherin for hide caption

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In the “I Got Divorced” episode of What I Wore When … , Glamour editor Sophia Chabbott describes what she wore to her Orthodox Jewish divorce ceremony. Wailin Wong, host of The Distance podcast, says, “To me it is actually stunning simply because she talks about how she wasn’t allowed to speak in the course of that ceremony, but the clothes spoke for her the clothing gave her a language, a vocabulary to operate with when she felt quite vulnerable.”

Click right here to listen to “I Got Divorced,” Wong’s favored episode. And for far more excellent podcast suggestions, pay a visit to

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