Everyone Wants Some!! — film evaluation: ‘Winning charm’

'Everybody Wants Some!!'

‘Everybody Desires Some!!’

The exclamation marks are a double jab in the ribs. But if you can bear the assaultive title — borrowed from a Van Halen song (a buddy tells me) — you can bear, even relish, the rest of Richard Linklater’s Everybody Desires Some!!. The maker of Boyhood naturally wanted to make Boyhood’s obverse. For an epic elegy about increasing up, study a hell-raising haiku about not developing up. In fact it is a spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, Linklater’s earlier canonic youth comedy.

The charm is winning. It is that of a social-anthropological Luddism — wry, heroic and cheeky. The 1980-set story tells us, with a broad grin of evangelising nostalgia, that male energies have barely advanced in sophistication considering that 1980BC (go over, or not) and that sports males, specially, see college/university as a way to devise their own education. Beer, girls, parties much more beer, girls, parties. Quickly-track badinage. Plus games and pranks of outwitting, to prepare for the greater game of outwitting known as adulthood.

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The cast is terrific and the script has a framing vision of a moment in time. The half-dozen central jocks — baseball “scholars” tasting the turn of a decade — are led by Blake Jenner’s bemused hunk of a freshman, beautifully played, an Isherwood-in-Berlin in Texas, and Glen Powell’s mischievous, seen-it-all senior, his fledgling moustache like antennae to a new zeitgeist.

The hippy age is about to turn into the yuppie age. These guys are Horatios on the bridge of modify, producing certain human continuity, and youthful he-man continuity, holds fast as lengthy as it can. For somebody humming significantly the identical tune from film to film, Linklater has an amazing versatility. The romantic wistfulness of the “Before” trilogy the funky animation of Waking Life College of Rock’s higher-fiving populism Boyhood and in Dazed and this film, an irresistibly peppy vision of the previous as playground for the growing soul.

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