All Christina Aguilera Wants For Her Birthday Is Kylie Jenner In Her Xtina Costume

Kylie Jenner’s “Dirrty”-era Christina Aguilera costume was a single of the most talked about this previous Halloween simply because she totally nailed it — the braids, the assless chaps, the nose ring, the whole vibe.

Aguilera herself thought she looked flawless, too. Her admiration for Jenner’s 2002 throwback did not quit at Halloween, even though: She just asked Jenner to reprise the appear for her own birthday party, and who wouldn’t do every thing they can to make the pop diva’s birthday dreams come correct?!

Jenner dressed up in a riff on the infamous Xtina outfit, trading in the red and white stripes of the music video’s ensemble for a yellow, grey, and black twist. It’s not like Jenner was the only one dressing up, as the occasion was a costume party given the hostess’s cotton candy-inspired ‘do.

Aguilera was clearly thrilled, as the two hugged it out as soon as Jenner walked into the bash.

As Jenner noted on her Snapchat, “When XTINA desires u to dress as XTINA for her bday you do it !!!”

D’aw. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and it’s clear that Jenner thinks nothing at all but the very best of the “Dirrty” singer.


Jay Pharaoh Truly, Truly, Really Wants To Meet Taylor Swift’s Squad At The AMAs

Jay Pharoah is co-hosting the American Music Awards tonight (November 20) with Gigi Hadid, and he’s really thrilled about hanging out with the young model due to the fact he’s dying to meet her squad. Or, specifically, Taylor Swift’s.

Pharaoh’s seeking forward to running the show, certain, but he revealed to Billboard that he’s looking forward to receiving to know the crew Hadid rolls with a tiny far better. He and Gigi became quick pals, but he’s a walking heart-eyed emoji when the topic of her girls comes up.

“I can not wait to meet her pals,” he told Billboard. “I know she got close friends. She taken, she with Zayn, I can’t mess with her, but I can talk to her friends. We’ve already established I’m currently in the friendzone, so it’s cool for me. I know where I stand, it’s all good, I’m just like, ‘Hey, can you introduce me to the fellow Taylor Swift gang?’ That is what I want: The squad. I want to see the squad.”

He’s also a Harmonizer, apparently, as he’s looking forward to watching Fifth Harmony perform (“Those are my homies, those are the home girls”) almost as significantly as he is about joining the “Undesirable Blood” crew.

Catch the AMAs on ABC on November 20, and hey! You could just watch Pharoah’s dream come accurate.


Everyone Wants Some!! — film evaluation: ‘Winning charm’

'Everybody Wants Some!!'

‘Everybody Desires Some!!’

The exclamation marks are a double jab in the ribs. But if you can bear the assaultive title — borrowed from a Van Halen song (a buddy tells me) — you can bear, even relish, the rest of Richard Linklater’s Everybody Desires Some!!. The maker of Boyhood naturally wanted to make Boyhood’s obverse. For an epic elegy about increasing up, study a hell-raising haiku about not developing up. In fact it is a spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, Linklater’s earlier canonic youth comedy.

The charm is winning. It is that of a social-anthropological Luddism — wry, heroic and cheeky. The 1980-set story tells us, with a broad grin of evangelising nostalgia, that male energies have barely advanced in sophistication considering that 1980BC (go over, or not) and that sports males, specially, see college/university as a way to devise their own education. Beer, girls, parties much more beer, girls, parties. Quickly-track badinage. Plus games and pranks of outwitting, to prepare for the greater game of outwitting known as adulthood.

Far more

Nigel Andrews

The cast is terrific and the script has a framing vision of a moment in time. The half-dozen central jocks — baseball “scholars” tasting the turn of a decade — are led by Blake Jenner’s bemused hunk of a freshman, beautifully played, an Isherwood-in-Berlin in Texas, and Glen Powell’s mischievous, seen-it-all senior, his fledgling moustache like antennae to a new zeitgeist.

The hippy age is about to turn into the yuppie age. These guys are Horatios on the bridge of modify, producing certain human continuity, and youthful he-man continuity, holds fast as lengthy as it can. For somebody humming significantly the identical tune from film to film, Linklater has an amazing versatility. The romantic wistfulness of the “Before” trilogy the funky animation of Waking Life College of Rock’s higher-fiving populism Boyhood and in Dazed and this film, an irresistibly peppy vision of the previous as playground for the growing soul.

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The Philadelphia Police Division Wants To Bail Kanye Out Of Debt

Amongst all of the erratic tweets Kanye West has fired off more than the past couple of weeks, the most surprising may possibly be the a single exactly where he admitted he’s $ 53 million in debt.

Kanye appears to have an optimistic attitude about his money woes, and went on to clarify that his creative spirit shall triumph in the finish and blah, blah, blah. That confidence doesn’t very negate his deep debt, though, which is why Kanye has now seemingly turn into the country’s most in-demand job recruit.

Following on the heels of Pizza Hut UK — which expertly trolled ‘Ye earlier this week — the Philadelphia police have now presented Kanye a position in their department. Referencing a base salary of $ 47,920, they estimated Kanye could be out of his debt by 3122. What a deal!

For excellent measure, they also included an expertly Photoshopped pic of Kanye in uniform, as effectively as a clever jab at Tidal, which Kanye’s new album The Life Of Pablo has been exclusively streaming on. AND they even linked to the department’s career web page to make the application procedure additional straightforward for Yeezy. So thoughtful.

Never mind that Kanye once rapped “I say fuck the police, that is how I treat ‘em” in “All Falls Down” or, more recently, “Hands up, we just carrying out what the cops taught us” in the TLOP reduce “Feedback.” We’re confident ‘Ye would rock that badge and use his authority oh-so-wisely.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, this is not the 1st time the Philadelphia police have had exciting with social media. In December, police posted a photo of two Storm Troopers obtaining arrested with the caption, “No, posting #StarWarsForceAwakens spoilers online is not a crime. Yes, it must be,” adding that “any illegal Sith behavior will nevertheless be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The department also once produced a parody video of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and utilised an old clip of “Saved By the Bell” as a PSA against drugs. Clearly, their social media game is on point… which truly makes us believe they may well want to reconsider recruiting Kanye. Unless the departments Wants its Twitter account to turn out to be overrun with random rants about Mark Zuckerberg and Tron.