OK Go Smash Guitars Like Fireworks In Their Higher-Speed New Video

Even though it plays for over 4 minutes, the new video from Rube Goldberg Machine–experts OK Go was filmed in just 4.two seconds.

Making use of higher-speed cameras, the band filmed a entire bunch of miniature explosions and other forms of chaos in the blink of an eye. They even engineered a flip book to accurately lip-synch their song “The One Moment.”

“We triggered 325 events with incredibly precise digital triggers to produce the choreography, which unfolds over a tiny far more than 4 seconds,” director and band member Damian Kulash, Jr. said about the video. “We shot with incredibly high-speed cameras, which allows us to stretch these few seconds over the full length of the song.”

These are the guys who first went viral with a perfectly choreographed treadmill dance, so it’s not surprising they’ve upped the ante by blowing up water balloons, jumping into streams of paint, and smashing guitars with remote explosions — all in under five seconds. These dudes are pros.


Vince Staples Practically Gets Run Over, Like, 50 Times In GTA’s New Video

Fresh off releasing his stellar EP Prima Donna, Vince Staples has teamed up with Miami DJ duo GTA for the fresh, kinetic collab “Little Bit of This.”

The track’s music video dropped right now (September 15), and I’m imagining the initial pitch meeting for it went anything like this: “How about we abandon Vince Staples in the middle of nowhere and have a bunch of old vehicles furiously zoom about him so fans will completely fear for his life and wellbeing???”

Indeed, poor Vince is smack in the middle of the action, searching admirably calm although at least a dozen black BMWs kick up dust and rip donuts about him. But no matter — the Extended Beach rapper is also busy spitting rapid-fire verses to notice. It is chaotic, confident, but at least it is controlled chaos.

“A Tiny Bit of This” seems on GTA’s debut album, Great Occasions Ahead, which arrives October 7 and also features Tinashe and Tunji Ige.


VIDEO: Chocolate Bars With A Political Bite

NPR/ YouTube

It’s typically mentioned that Washington, D.C., is a town obsessed with politics. Apparently, that obsession extends to its chocolatiers.

This election season, D.C. graphic design and style firm Design and style Army and chocolate manufacturer Harper Macaw have teamed up to produce a series of chocolate bars, each and every with a flavor and wrapper inspired by a political theme.

Take the Flip-Flopper bar, for example: Its wrapper features an illustration that mimics the design and style of tarot cards, “with a donkey and elephant divided by an impenetrable party line.” Inside you’ll discover dark milk chocolate with butter toffee and sea salt. Get it? It flip-flops in between salty and sweet.

We visited their chocolate factory in D.C. for a peek at — and taste of — their wares. Watch our video for a virtual sample.

Arts &amp Life : NPR

Rashida Jones Created A Music Video About How Much She Misses The ’90s

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As far as I can inform (and primarily based on her IMDb page), Rashida Jones has never appeared on “Portlandia,” a show devoted to, among those other individuals, maintaining the dream of the ’90s alive. But maybe she ought to contemplate a guest spot since, like, she’s all about that decade, man. She misses it. Hard.

We know this due to the fact Rashida lately popped up on a song called “Flip And Rewind” by Boss Choice, the moniker of her music-making nephew Sunny Levine. The video for the track premiered just a handful of days ago and it characteristics Rashida sporting a wide variety of ’90s-inspired appears, which includes the ever-classic backwards Kangol cap…

Rashida Jones/Will Mccormack

…the scrunchie-assisted curls with large hoop earrings…

Rashida Jones/Will Mccormack

…and the badass bandana badass (just to name a couple of).

Rashida Jones/Will Mccormack

Rashida co-directed the video with her writing partner Will McCormack, with whom she’s operating on a script for “Toy Story four,” by the way, which is truly cool.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

But can we take a second to talk about how Wonderful her vocals on this song are? I mean, like, Rashida guidelines right here. Who knew she could sing this nicely? Except for Jimmy Fallon, and fairly significantly everybody else who watched the two of them sing jubilantly about the holidays on “The Tonight Show.”

Rashida and Sunny just did a extremely playful, really insightful Q&ampA for Rolling Stone that you must study appropriate now. And then possibly we can all go play “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” or watch “Clueless” or some thing. Meet back right here in an hour, OK? #go90s