Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wins Film Of The Year With A (Star)Killer Tribute

As if any other film in the galaxy could compete with Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Movie of the Year. Episode VII took residence the night’s prime prize at the 2016 MTV Film Awards, and franchise star, and Breakthrough Performance winner, Daisy Ridley and director J.J. Abrams were on hand to accept the Golden Popcorn for the cast and crew in the course of the Saturday night taping on the Warner Bros. backlot.

The duo, who left production on Star Wars: Episode VIII to attend the massive show (!), created very the entrance as they walked by way of a deconstructed recreation of the 1st Order’s Starkiller Base amid an audience holding hundreds of lightsabers.

“I gotta say, it was an outstanding honor to be element of the Star Wars saga,” Abrams stated, holding his popcorn proudly. Whereever this little guy was, he was freakin’ thrilled:

Relive Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ kiss and more of the most significant moments from 25 years of the Movie Awards:

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Watch the 2016 Movie Awards on Sunday, April 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Demi Lovato Explains Her Healing Tribute To ‘Father’

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Demi Lovato’s new Confident album might’ve kicked off with the high-speed hookup anthem “Cool for the Summer time,” but it’s her most emotional track that has everybody speaking appropriate now.

“Father,” the 11th song on the album, is arguably her most gut-wrenching number to date, chronicling the conflicting partnership she had with her father, Patrick Lovato, who passed away from cancer in 2013.

In a candid new video the singer posted on Monday (Oct. 19) Demi opens up about what the song meant to her and how it helped her to “process” her mixed emotions about the loss of the man who had led a life of turmoil, and triggered a lot of discomfort to his family along the way, thanks to his struggle with alcoholism.

“I was very conflicted when he passed simply because he was abusive,” Demi explains in the heartfelt discussion. “He was imply, but he wanted to be a excellent particular person. And he wanted to have his loved ones, and when my mom married my stepdad, he nevertheless had this huge heart exactly where he said, ‘I’m so glad that he’s taking care of you and carrying out the job that I want I could do.’”

Demi, who’d previously fleshed out her feelings about the then-living Mr. Lovato in her “For the Adore of a Daughter” song on her third album, Unbroken, had a strained connection with her biological father following her parents’ divorce when she was two years old. Her mother Diana later re-married, and her stepfather Eddie De La Garza stepped in to raise her.

For Demi, she now realizes that her father basically “wasn’t capable of raising a family,” and attributes that to the illness. “To know that it wasn’t actually his fault genuinely was saddening to me,” she stated. “I wanted to write about it. I wanted to procedure it, and ‘Father’ genuinely helped me do that.”

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Many of Demi’s fans have identified solace in her exceptionally private story right here and thanked her for opening up with it.

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