‘Deadpool’ Is Officially Banned In China, So Cancel Your Travel Plans

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We all know that “Deadpool” is a very, extremely NSFW movie. Every trailer we’ve seen in advance of the film’s Feb. 12 release date has given us a lot of confirmation that yes, the filmmakers have preserved the comic character’s, uh, irreverence (and, OK, general disdain for pretty a lot each rule and guideline out there). We get it. “Deadpool” is NSFW.

But to the Chinese government, “Deadpool” is actually NSFL. That is proper — officials in the People’s Republic of China have banned the film outright simply because of its violence, nudity and offensive language, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Films are either banned or deemed match to show in China by an organization named SAPPRFT, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. Often, Hollywood studios will even recut films to attain a wider audience in the country, THR points out. But in the case of “Deadpool,” filmmakers reportedly believed any modifications would affect the plot structure.

Truly, what kind of depravity could the Chinese government possibly object to in “Deadpool”? It’s not like we see titular star Ryan Reynolds (in full Deadpool regalia) kick a dude out of a speeding SUV into an adjacent motorcycle, sending them both tumbling backward. Or use a automobile-ready cigarette lighter to burn a guy’s face.

Or suggest the purpose for his attire is simply because of all the shrapnel he requires from his battles.

20th Century Fox

Or pose provocatively on most of the promo material ahead of the film’s release.

Nah, none of that. Totally an overreaction.

“Deadpool” hits theaters Feb. 12 — but not in China.