Duet Partners: Erykah Badu Just Joined Forces With This Scream Queens Star

We just had a baduizm. For actual although.

In the sneak peek of Thursday’s Wild ‘N Out, below, neo-soul queen Erykah Badu plays a game of R&ampBeef — and even although she’s performing a mock version of her hit “Tyrone,” we nevertheless got a case of the feels.

Certain, the new lyrics are LOL funny, but you won’t be giggling when you hear her reach notes that rival Mariah. The icing on the case: singer/actress/Scream Queens star Keke Palmer, who joins the entertaining and adds some dulcet tones of her personal.

Watch the clip to hear Erykah and Keke bring the house down, then be confident to catch Wild ‘N Out Thursday at 10/9c!


This Girl’s Crappy Story Will Make You In no way Want To Poop On A Date Once again

Zola, meet your match. She goes by @_blotty on Twitter and @_soft_bagel on Instagram.

Blotty has a story to inform about 💩💩💩.

When nature came calling for the duration of a date Monday (March 21), Blotty did what any “confident, calm and self-assured woman” would do. She utilised the damn toilet.

Uh-oh. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

(I hope you are not consuming something whilst reading this, since it’s about to go even a lot more downhill from here.)


She recruits outdoors help.

This is receiving as well painful to study.


Duly noted.

If all this sounds as well hilarious/tragic/vomit-inducing to be correct, here’s a disclaimer — it may possibly be. Blotty could have produced this complete factor up and successfully trolled the thousands of individuals who’ve retweeted her. MTV News has reached out to her for comment, but in the meantime, maybe double-check that your toilet is functioning effectively so no a single encounters this horrific difficulty again.

H/T BuzzFeed

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Ariana Grande Is The Only Very good Portion About This Bizarre Sketch Reduce From ‘SNL’

Ariana Grande’s Saturday Night Reside hosting debut went more than exceptionally nicely last weekend, thanks to her spot-on celebrity impressions, impressive comedic timing, and dazzling musical performances. In reality, the episode was so packed with hit segments, that not each bit produced the final cut — and judging by the newly surfaced vid of one particular of those sketches, that is in fact a truly, actually great point.

In the bizarre sketch, Ari invites two clueless co-workers, JoJo (Kyle Mooney) and BoBo (Beck Bennett), to her property for a March Madness celebration. A series of increasingly insane inquiries comply with, as the two dudes do not know when to arrive (now?), what to put on (ponchos?), or what to bring (nails and frogs?).

You may possibly muster a chuckle… but that may only be because of the moment Ari adorably almost breaks character. In addition to that, this 1 was possibly ideal left on the cutting space floor.

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This Badass Test Answer Deserves A lot more Than Further Credit

What takes place when you mix Trey Songz with chemistry? An A+ test answer, turns out.

On Friday, March 4, Daphney Chery, who teaches chemistry at a charter school, Instagrammed a extremely witty response from a single of her students. The additional credit question asked the class to explain eletronegativity, which is “a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons.” If that sounds like complete gibberish to you, possibly this test answer will clear up any confusion.

“I attempt to encourage my students to believe of associations from their lives that would aid them recognize the ideas they are learning far better,” Chery captioned the photo. “Being that I only teach one particular period, I’m capable to really come up with fun activities and lesson plans that will support them like chemistry much more. But this answer is by far the most creative 1 I’ve study however!!!”

We can’t determine which part of is our favored. Is it the sassy “Yea I’m acquiring this five points!” in the opener? What about the part exactly where Trey is named out for having “no chill?” Is it the nuanced simile of “Trey like behavior?” Every little thing about this is excellent. 👏

H/T Revelist

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Wonder Why Much more Girls Do not Use Female Condoms? This Is Possibly Why

They’re much more successful at stopping pregnancy and HIV transmission than male condoms, yet, walk into most convenience retailers and you won’t see female condoms behind the counter. Why is that?

BuzzFeed asked six women to attempt female condoms for the first time, and well … there appears to be a good cause.

“It was … exciting, and by that I mean awful and traumatizing,” a single of the participants states of her encounter. All of the females discover the application of the condom foreign and unenjoyable, with a single saying it felt like a trash bag and another citing bags of the Ziploc range. 😕

A couple of ladies actually field tested the condom with their boyfriends and each of them disliked the expertise, too.

Watch the full video below.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

Just before you resolve by no means to give them a possibility, know this: Companies like Path are trying to redesign the clunky UI of the female condom to stop this unanimous dislike of them by new customers, and it seems they’re creating progress.

A new design and style includes a a lot more pleasing shape and is produced of non-latex material that warms with the physique — though their style hasn’t been manufactured however — so for now, males and women everywhere will have to contend with these.

For far more on sex education, birth control and other attractive items, go to It’s Your Sex Life.

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This ‘Hello’ Parody Begging Adele For Totally free Concert Tickets Is Almost everything

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

Adele is a hot ticket — literally. Her upcoming tour sold out in minutes in most venues and rates have risen on the secondary market — at times by $ 1000 or far more. It’s nuts. That’s why one fan took to the airwaves to ask the Grammy winner for a favor.

Charlottesville, Virginia resident Janee Bradford recorded herself singing a parody of Adele’s mega-hit “Hello” and in it, asks the British chanteuse for free of charge concert tickets.

Starting with the iconic lyric “Hello, it is me…” Bradford continues with comical musings about how she’s “broke” and wonders if Adele “could send [her] two tickets for cost-free.”

Given that posting her hilarious video to Facebook it’s gone viral, amassing much more than three.8 million views, a lot more than 85,000 shares and even landing Bradford on neighborhood and international television.

Adele, if you are reading this (Hahaha! No, but really, if you’re reading reading this) Bradford completely deserves tickets to your Washington D.C. show in October. Let her say “hello” to you in person. ??

Watch the hilarious clip below.

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

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This Satirical Nativity Scene Was Removed For Being ‘Tasteless’

A solstice nativity scene — featuring the founding fathers and the statue of liberty kneeling prior to the “birth” of the Bill of Rights — was removed from the Texas Capitol on Tuesday (Dec 22) after Gov. Greg Abbott called it “tasteless” and a “juvenile parody.”

The show was placed in the capitol on December 18 by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a neighborhood religious liberty group, who said they received a permit for the show and an accompanying sign.

Nevertheless, Gov. Abbott wrote in a letter to John Sneed, Executive Director of the State Preservation Board, to demand that the nativity be taken down:

The Biblical scene of the newly born Jesus Christ lying in a manger in Bethlehem lies at the very heart of the Christian faith. Subjecting an image held sacred by millions of Texans to the Foundation’s tasteless sarcasm does practically nothing to market morals and the common welfare. To the contrary, the Foundation’s spiteful message is intentionally developed to belittle and offend, which undermines rather than promotes any public purpose a show promoting the bill of rights may otherwise have had.

Nonetheless, FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor mentioned that the group would “pursue legal redress.”

“Ironically, the very document that our show was honoring is what protects this form of expression,” mentioned FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “Government officials can’t censor our speech because they disagree with our secular message.”

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Amy Poehler Is A ‘Cool Sister’ In This Reduce ‘SNL’ Christmas Sketch

If you are heading house for the holidays, you are almost certainly being forced into hunting forward to some extra time with the family members. And if you have brothers and sisters, then you are possibly currently acquiring sick of every other.

That’s the touching sentiment behind this Amy Poehler/Kyle Mooney sketch, cut from final weekend’s holiday episode of “Saturday Night Reside.” In the clip, Mooney and Poehler portray a gloriously awkward brother and sister, driving their mom — and poor, poor Nana — up the wall. See how the siblings ruin Christmas (and then eventually reconcile! Aww) under.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

In other news, “geek of the week” is my new factor. Content holidays, everybody!

This Is What A Fangirl Is Not

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

Fangirls. It appears silly that in 2015 they’d be viewed as something but awesome. Fangirls are the foundations (typically economically) of some of the prime touchstones in our culture, and they wield all sorts of mighty power that can quite seriously make or break a distinct music act, Television show, movie, etc.

So why do fangirls occasionally nevertheless have to defend themselves? The most quick answer is likely that the whole idea of “fangirling” is misunderstood. That is why Amplify, a self-described “entertainment hub for teens,” took the liberty of talking to some actual fangirls to clear up some of this confusion.

The fangirls in this video all self-determine as fangirls, and then they go a step additional, speaking openly about what they’re not, which, for a fangirl, is just as important to her identity. For instance: “I’m a fangirl, but I…”

And there’s lots far more where that came from in the video above. So, what fangirl stereotypes do you wish you could break down?


After A Texas Mosque Was Vandalized, This Boy Donated His Piggy Bank

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

Members of the Islamic Center of Pflugerville, Texas had been shocked to find that their prayer internet site was vandalized when they came to worship on Monday (Nov. 16).

Following the devastating ISIS attacks on Paris, France Friday night (Nov. 13), anti-Muslim sentiments have been gaining fervor across the nation, and in this case, vandals smeared feces on the door of the mosque and on littered pages of the Quran which were scattered across the entry walk to the building.

According to Buzzfeed News, this is the very first time neighborhood police have ever observed this type of destruction and are investigating it as a hate crime.

A seven-year-old boy named Jack Swanson, upon hearing the news, decided to gather the funds from his piggy bank savings — about $ 20 total — and donate it to the mosque as a show of solidarity.

His mother, Laura, mentioned of the incident to nearby news station KXAN, “It’s disgusting. It is gross. It doesn’t matter what you believe or I believe or what he believes or anybody believes. All faith is important.”

A member of the Center’s board, named Faisal Naeem, told Buzzfeed that the gesture warmed his heart and that he and his fellow mosque members are working to get in touch with the boy to give him a holiday gift.

“This is really unexpected, and very honestly really shocking,” Naeem mentioned of the sight. “If I locate the guy or girl who did this, I’d welcome them with open arms.”

KXAN’s video report of the incident, and Jack’s providing, can be located beneath.

Embedded from up.anv.bz.

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