Surprise Statistics: Twentysomethings Like Maci Have More Unplanned Pregnancies Than Teens

By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Maci definitely didn’t see her third pregnancy coming: In the course of tonight’s Teen Mom OG premiere, the young mother thought she had gained weight (understandable given that after two children and just developing up, your physique goes by means of lots of adjustments). That was the case, but not the whole story.

And when her fiancé Taylor asked her if she may possibly be pregnant once again (relive the scene under), she thinks he’s crazy.

“Have you lost your mind?” she declared. “We’d have two little ones beneath two. We’d need a bigger auto, a bigger house….” He suggested she take a pregnancy test, and she recalled her encounter with Bentley.

“I took a pregnancy test when I was 16 and didn’t cry then, but if this 1 says positive…” she began. Needless to say, the test was optimistic.

We all remember Maci’s initial pregnancy, back when she was in higher college and dating Ryan (it is how 16 and Pregnant started). But unplanned pregnancy amongst ladies in their early 20s is really a lot much more widespread than it is amongst teens.

Ladies ages 20-24 are 4 occasions much more probably to have an unintended pregnancy than girls ages 15-17. To place it another way: Amongst 15-17 year-olds, only about 20 out of each 1,000 girls have an unplanned pregnancy each and every year. For ladies 20-24, it’s 81 out of 1,000. If you consider about it, that tends to make sense considering that women in their 20s have more sex than teens do.

We all know about teen pregnancy, but unplanned pregnancy among young ladies can be just as discombobulating. Often even much more so. Usually occasions, girls in their early 20s are just studying how to live on their own, they’re not in committed relationships and they’re not financially steady. Not exactly the best circumstances for bringing a child into the planet. Maci’s scenario is different. Despite the fact that she was not organizing for this pregnancy, she’s in a strong connection, she’s got a steady earnings and she has encounter getting a parent currently.

The bottom line is that unplanned pregnancy takes place a lot. Amongst single ladies in their 20s, seven out of 10 pregnancies are unplanned. And the only way to avoid adding a brand-new addition, in addition to not obtaining sex at all, is to use birth handle meticulously and consistently. Find out what methods may well operate for you at And tune in to the next episode of Teen Mom OG on Monday at ten/9c to see how everybody else reacts to Maci’s news!


A Photographer&#039s Loved ones Left Behind In &#039Louder Than Bombs&#039

Jesse Eisenberg and Gabriel Byrne in Louder Than Bombs.

Jesse Eisenberg and Gabriel Byrne in Louder Than Bombs. Courtesy of The Orchard hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of The Orchard

Close to the end of Louder than Bombs, Norwegian writer-director Joachim Trier’s 1st English-language film, a narrator arrives to inform us that one particular of the characters will don’t forget that distinct moment years later. The intrusion is unexpected, but perhaps less so for individuals who’ve noticed Trier’s 2006 debut, Reprise. That playfully severe movie was about the generating of a writer’s consciousness, so its literary flourishes had been apt.

In their clever but ultimately disappointing most recent film, Trier and regular co-writer Eskil Vogt turn their novelistic style to the saga of a war photographer and her family. Isabelle (Isabelle Huppert) is dead when the story begins, but she seems in flashbacks and dream sequences. Left behind is Gene (Gabriel Byrne), who was after an actor but became a high-college teacher in a New York suburb so the couple’s two sons would have a single parent with a standard life.

Gene’s older son, Jonah (Jesse Eisenberg) is now a college professor with a wife and a brand new baby (named, of course, Isabelle). His younger brother, Conrad (Devin Druid), is a sullen teenager who initially seems the much more troubled of the two. That Dad teaches at the college Conrad attends is not generating items simpler.

An exhibition of Isabelle’s photographs is planned, and Jonah devotes himself to it, apparently as a way of escaping his wife and daughter. With the show comes a proposed report by one particular of Isabelle’s former colleagues (David Strathairn). He may reveal items about the late photog that Gene and Jonah would prefer remain private — and that Conrad doesn’t even know. But dad and huge brother’s attempts to shield the boy just make him much more resentful.

This is a fairly conventional domestic melodrama, twisted interestingly if not constantly profoundly with difficult storytelling. Handheld camera creates intimacy and off-kilter motion, and reflections in windows and mirrors are both visual and psychological motifs. The family members members’ glimpses of every other every single are fragmented, detached, and sometimes accidental.

Trier rhymes scenes to show how diverse characters deceive each other the same way, and sometimes with the exact same words. Most elaborately, he twice stages a sequence in which Gene follows Conrad on his after-school rounds. The 1st time, we see the events from the father’s viewpoint, and the son seems unaware that he’s beneath observation. Then we see that Conrad knew he was getting watched, and attempted to script his movements to suit Gene’s preconceptions.

Sometimes, parent and child meet in an alternate universe. Conrad escapes into video games, so Gene adopts a game avatar and meets his son on the internet. (The outcome is darkly comic.) For his computer ploy, Conrad has unearthed an old clip of his dad in a movie — it is a scene from a 1987 comedy, Hello Once more, in which Byrne plays against Shelley Lengthy — that he proudly shows to an incredulous Jonah.

The movie’s title is likely from an album by the Smiths, one of a number of alt-rock acts referenced in Trier and Vogt’s perform. (In the Vogt-directed Blind, two characters are linked by a Morrissey album.) But the phrase comes from Elizabeth Smart, who’s amongst Morrissey’s many female literary inspirations.

That’s ironic, simply because females are at greatest ghostly presences in Louder Than Bombs. Isabelle is really dead, and the other female characters — Gene’s secret lover, Conrad’s unrequited crush, and each Jonah’s wife and his ex-girlfriend — scarcely exist.

They’re muses, not folks, which could be why 1 of the film’s final hints is that Conrad — like Reprise‘s protagonists — will develop up to be an autobiographical writer. Even when producing a family drama, Trier’s vital subject is the self-absorption of the inventive male.

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9 Kehlani Songs That Are Even Much better Than Her Zayn Collab

From the outset of his debut solo album, Thoughts of Mine, Zayn promises old and new fans alike an intimate glimpse into his psyche: “Open up and see what’s inside of my, my mind,” he dream-sings on the album’s intro track. It makes sense, then, that he’d want to maintain the amount of voices on his record sparse — and so, in a sensible move, the album incorporated only 1 featured artist: R&ampB up-and-comer Kehlani.

The two trade vocals on the hazy and lustful “Wrong,” which is specifically the type of boundary-pushing track Z’s been itching to make as a solo artist — one who’s escaped the confines of pop stardom and desires to veer into uninhibited R&ampB territory. He couldn’t have picked a much better collaborator than Kehlani, then, due to the fact the 20-year-old Oakland native is rapidly becoming the genre’s brightest young star. If you don’t know, it is time you know.

Kehlani’s 2014 mixtape Cloud 19 produced her a cult favorite for R&ampB fans, but it was her second mixtape, You Should Be Here, that fueled the breakout year she deserved. The album boasted collaborations from the likes of Chance the Rapper and BJ the Chicago Kid, and even earned a Grammy nomination for Best Modern Urban Album. Now, she’s 1 of 2016’s buzziest artists, some thing that can be chalked up to her blend of fiercely truthful lyricism, ‘90s R&ampB vibes, and calm swagger.

No matter whether you’re just boarding the Kehlani train or you’ve been a fan given that day one particular, it’s never ever too late to take a appear back at her most crucial songs to date. Here are nine of our picks:

  1. “Did I”

    This badass, radio-friendly track finds Kehlani in a power position, explaining why she’s up right now and making specifically zero apologies for it.

  2. “Bright”

    “Bright” is a light and sunny self-esteem booster in the vein of TLC’s “Unpretty” and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Kehlani speaks straight to a handful of people struggling with confidence problems and tells them, “You are what you choose to be, it is not up to no one else.” This is the kind of song that can really feel super cheesy sometimes… except on those days when you just really need it.

  3. “Alive”

    “Alive” is a capital-P Pop song that closes You Should Be Here on the most triumphant note. A breakup song overflowing with positivity, it even got a co-sign from Taylor Swift last year.

  4. “FWU” is the greatest unofficial response to Chris Brown’s “Loyal” a promise to hold staying true to her man and to see her ride-or-die connection through to the finish.


    Kehlani’s debut solo song was released in the summer season of 2013 and became the soundtrack for anyone who decided to swear off seasonal, fair-weather relationships. She was only 17 when she released it, but the track’s gentle, old-time vibe right away endeared her to new fans.

  6. “The Way”

    Kehlani and Opportunity the Rapper trade spacey vocals about desire and longing in the seductive first single from You Ought to Be Right here.

  7. “The Letter”

    Kehlani has her fair share of cool, DGAF-inspired anthems of badassery, but it is tracks like this that remind you she can also churn out heart-wrenching ballads that’ll cut by means of you. The way her voice catches in the final moments of the song, like she’s about to burst into tears, prove there’s vulnerability underneath that tough exterior.

  8. “First Position”

    As an openly bisexual woman, Kehlani is one particular of the couple of artists right now who makes use of the pronouns “he” and “she” interchangeably. It’s a refreshing dynamic, and 1 that gets even a lot more intense in the track’s accompanying video, which challenges the status quo of most videos by featuring only females (yep, there’s not 1 man in sight).

  9. Kehlani serves up a hefty dose of actual-speak on this track, in which she coolly reminds you she’s often on guard: “You ain’t my enemy however, but you ain’t a friend to me yet.”


Selena Gomez Wore A lot more Outfits In 24 Hours Than Most Men and women Put on In A Week

Selena Gomez is in Paris for Style Week, and when she’s not sitting in the front row at shows, she’s changing outfits. Like, so several outfits — she’s only been there 1 day, and she’s already wowed us in five completely various appears.

Thanks, Selena by the time Style Week ends, we’ll have enough outfit inspo to last us for months. See all Selena’s looks (so far) below.

  1. As previously discussed, Selena arrived in Paris in a sweatsuit. Although it may look like some thing you’d put on on a plane, I assure you, it is not — it’s a cool $ 1,400, OK??

  2. Following her arrival, Selena changed into a bodysuit that was held with each other by nothing at all but string, a denim miniskirt, and open-toe, thigh-high boots. This is one of two denim skirts she wore in 24 hours, just so you know.

  3. From there, she went ultra glam in a Ronald van der Kemp dress. She obviously knew she looked 🔥, so she kept her sunglasses on, even though it was nighttime.

  4. For the Louis Vuitton show, Selena wore her second denim skirt of the trip. Selena, I’m just not positive we’re prepared for the return of jean skirts. I’M JUST NOT Certain.

  5. Later in the day, Selena changed into yet another Louis Vuitton outfit — no denim skirt in sight, thankfully.


This Badass Test Answer Deserves A lot more Than Further Credit

What takes place when you mix Trey Songz with chemistry? An A+ test answer, turns out.

On Friday, March 4, Daphney Chery, who teaches chemistry at a charter school, Instagrammed a extremely witty response from a single of her students. The additional credit question asked the class to explain eletronegativity, which is “a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons.” If that sounds like complete gibberish to you, possibly this test answer will clear up any confusion.

“I attempt to encourage my students to believe of associations from their lives that would aid them recognize the ideas they are learning far better,” Chery captioned the photo. “Being that I only teach one particular period, I’m capable to really come up with fun activities and lesson plans that will support them like chemistry much more. But this answer is by far the most creative 1 I’ve study however!!!”

We can’t determine which part of is our favored. Is it the sassy “Yea I’m acquiring this five points!” in the opener? What about the part exactly where Trey is named out for having “no chill?” Is it the nuanced simile of “Trey like behavior?” Every little thing about this is excellent. 👏

H/T Revelist

I never ever fed my Neopets.



Not My Job: We Quiz Lena Headey On Games Worse Than &#039Game Of Thrones&#039



Lena Headey at the &quot300: Rise Of An Empire&quot Press Conference on March 4, 2014 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Vera Anderson/WireImage

Game of Thrones may possibly have killed off numerous main characters, but the manipulative, scheming Queen Cersei is nonetheless standing. She’s played by Lena Headey, who we’ve invited to play a game known as “You win and you die.”

Because The Game of Thrones does not sound particularly enjoyable to play, we’ll ask 3 questions about even worse games.



And now the game exactly where we invite on people we like and make them answer questions about factors they know nothing at all about. “Game Of Thrones” is the most well-known Tv show on the planet, in spite of obtaining an extremely complex plot and also a habit of killing off major characters. But nonetheless surviving following six seasons is the manipulative, scheming Queen Cersei Lannister. She’s played by the quite nice actress Lena Headey. She joins us now. Lena, welcome to WAIT WAIT… Do not Inform ME.

LENA HEADEY: Thank you.


SAGAL: Now, I know the cliche that you are but an actor. You are not the components that you play, however at the prospect of speaking to you, I was actually terrified. Does this take place to you a lot?

HEADEY: Yeah, it does appear to. Folks do look to think that I am going to be some wicked witch, and then they’re often surprised to locate out I am just a little clumsy nerd.

SAGAL: Actually? Do you enjoy playing somebody who is so pointedly not cheerful and happy?

HEADEY: Yeah, it is cathartic since I guess, you know, it is not socially acceptable to be a full and utter manipulative cow. So I can get it all out…

SAGAL: I guess so. I really feel that both for men and women who haven’t observed “Game Of Thrones,” and I pity them, or for folks who have observed it and can not hold the names straight, could briefly describe who your character is?

HEADEY: She is the energy-hungry mother of 3 kids by her brother, desperate to sit on the throne and run the seven kingdoms.

SAGAL: Right.

HEADEY: And she’s not a really nice girl.

SAGAL: No, she’s not.


SAGAL: And so for six seasons, we’ve essentially observed her manipulate, lie, lure men and women to their deaths and do a variety of unpleasant issues.

HEADEY: Yeah, she’s had a few rough days.

SAGAL: I understand.


SAGAL: Since the individuals on the show, the characters, are so incredibly unpleasant and are constantly undertaking very unpleasant things to every other, I think about your cast parties are, like, blowout entertaining due to the fact you must have to, like, let off all the steam of getting horrible to every single other.

HEADEY: There’s a lot of Olympic drinking, yes.


SAGAL: Now, you have played a lot of extremely – I will – for lack of a greater word – nerdy roles. You have been in the big classic nerdy Greek combat film “300” as the…


SAGAL: …Sexy Queen Gorgo. So the nerds must freak out when they see you on the street.

HEADEY: Yep, I get a bit of nerd really like.

SAGAL: You do?

HEADEY: (Unintelligible).

SAGAL: What is nerd enjoy like?

HEADEY: Loud. And…


SAGAL: Did you – I have to ask you this question – you, like a lot of the actors on “Game Of Thrones, did not read the books, appropriate?


SAGAL: And is that due to the fact you didn’t want to uncover out what happened to your character in yet another medium or they’re just a ridiculous nerd issue and you would by no means go near such a thing?

HEADEY: Both of those issues.



HEADEY: I did attempt. My mother read them all obsessively. And so I get the sort of shortened versions.

SAGAL: So wait a minute, your mother has read all of George R. R. Martin’s novels.

HEADEY: Yeah, she loves to go oh, I know what happens to you next.


SAGAL: I have to ask you, your character, Queen Cersei, was forced by circumstances that are way also intriguing to get into, to walk naked in a stroll of shame, as somebody’s…


SAGAL: …Yelling shame through the entire town. That was a very extended sequence. Now, initial of all, did you really have to do that?

HEADEY: Yes, I was truly there, contrary to common belief, in the location undertaking the complete thing. But I was not naked although.

SAGAL: You had been not naked?

HEADEY: Not my physique.

SAGAL: That was not – truly? Did they do the personal computer thing exactly where they gave you somebody else’s body?

HEADEY: They did, yes.

SAGAL: Did you get to choose whose physique it was?


SAGAL: Due to the fact offered the opportunity, I would actually get pleasure from to have some – my head place on somebody else’s physique.

HEADEY: You’d consider, but I – you know what? I was just like if somebody is brave enough to do this with me, then I never care what they appear like.

SAGAL: Correct.

HEADEY: I actually do not.

SAGAL: There was 1 guy in that sequence who leaps out and exposes himself to your character. And all I could believe of with that guy was like hey everybody, I got a portion in “Game Of Thrones.”


SAGAL: It is going to make me.

HEADEY: I know due to the fact, you know, we all sat around for, like, three days sort of tag-teaming on and off that set. And he was there we have been sort of possessing coffee. And I was like so, what are you – what are you doing? He was like oh, I am flashing my willy at you.


SAGAL: So what’s fascinating is for individuals that might not know, the series is based on this extremely lengthy complicated series of books. But last season, season six, they caught up with the finish of the books. So nobody knows what’s taking place subsequent except you, Lena Headey…


SAGAL: …Due to the fact the production has been completed, proper? It is going to be broadcast in a couple of months. So what are the secrecy rules? I imply, what do they inform you about what you can and cannot say?

HEADEY: I can’t inform you a factor.

SAGAL: You can not inform me a thing.


SAGAL: If you were to tell me one thing, what would happen to you?

HEADEY: It is far more what would occur to you.


HELEN HONG: Somebody would jump out and flash their willy at you for positive.

SAGAL: Oh, no.


SAGAL: Lena Headey, we have asked you hear to play a game we’re calling…

BILL KURTIS: You Win And You Die.


SAGAL: So the “Game Of Thrones” in the show you star in is not especially exciting to play…


SAGAL: …Ask Ned Stark. So we thought we’d ask you about three even worse games. Answer two of them appropriately, you are going to win our prize for 1 of our listeners – Carl Kassel’s voice on their voicemail. Bill, who is actress Lena Headey playing for?

HEADEY: Chris Shields of Beaverton, Ore.

SAGAL: All proper, you ready to play, Lena?

HEADEY: Yes, I’m ready.

SAGAL: All proper, now, which of these is a genuine board game that you could go out, purchase and play with your family members today if you wanted to? Is it A, Swedish Parliament in which you and your buddies recreate the Swedish national elections around your dining room table, B, “Family Time” in which you play a member of a household attempting to make a decision some thing to do that will hold you from fighting tonight or C, Mule in which you attempt to smuggle as many drugs across the border utilizing your personal physique cavities as possible.



HEADEY: God, one particular of them sounds more fascinating, but I’m going to go for the second 1, the family point – the non-fighting.

SAGAL: So a game referred to as Family Time…


SAGAL: …In which you and your family gather about and play the roles of a family members attempting to determine to figure out what to do…


SAGAL: …Of an evening. So that’s your option, you are going to go for Family Time?

HEADEY: I am, yes.

SAGAL: All correct. I am afraid it was Swedish Parliament. That is an actual game that you can purchase. It was listed as one of the ten-worst board games ever made by a British newspaper, The Guardian. And then they published an apology because all these fans of “Swedish Parliament” wrote in and said, you know, it really is actually really interesting.


SAGAL: All right, in 2013, a designer created a new iPhone game that speedily got banned from the App Shop. Was it which of these – A, Send Me To Heaven, which challenges you to throw your telephone as high as you can into the air…


SAGAL: …B, Massive Jerk – the object of that game is to stroll by as several folks as you can even though staring at your telephone or C, Drug Mule which is an iPhone version of the board game I mentioned in the earlier question.


HEADEY: I – I am going to go for the second one.

SAGAL: You are going to go for Massive Jerk?

HEADEY: (Laughter).

SAGAL: You’re going to go for that?

HEADEY: I really feel very strong in my answer.

SAGAL: I – I – no. No, I am afraid the game was Send – (laughter) – the game was Send Me To Heaven. And it was invented by a guy who just wanted to see how several folks he could trick into wrecking their iPhones by hurling them as higher as they could into the air.


SAGAL: And really, the comments on the game in, like, the app shop have been I broke my phone.


SAGAL: All proper, let’s see if you can get one proper. The 1960s were a golden age of board games. One particular of the less-effective games from that era is which of these – A, Digestion Monopoly, which is like normal monopoly except right after you select your piece you swallow it.


SAGAL: Whoever gets their’s back 1st wins.


SAGAL: B – B, I say, Connect Two or C, a board game named Big Funeral. You play by planning a funeral.

HEADEY: Oh, I never want to get it incorrect. But I know, I am going to say the funeral game.

SAGAL: The funeral game – you are right, it is in reality the funeral game…


SAGAL: …Massive Funeral. Bill, how did Lena Headey do on our quiz?

KURTIS: Lena got one particular right out 3. And, you know, Lena, that’s genuinely very good.


SAGAL: I see you’ve also watched the show. Hedge your bets, Bill.

KURTIS: I don’t want on her bad side.

SAGAL: Hedge your bets with this woman. Lena Headey stars in “Pride And Prejudice And Zombies,” based on the original draft of the Austen novel. It is in theaters now, and you can see her in the new season of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones.” That premieres in April. I am lining up in front of my tv now. Lena Headey, thank you so much for joining us.

HEADEY: Thank you, guys.

SAGAL: Thank you, Lena.


QUEEN: (Singing) She’s a killer queen. Gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam. Assured to blow your thoughts…

SAGAL: In just a minute, Bill says words, some of which rhyme. It’s our Listener Limerick Challenge. Get in touch with 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to join us on the air. We’ll be back in a minute with far more WAIT WAIT… Never Tell ME from NPR.

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We Just Re-Watched The ‘Hannah Montana’ Finale and We’re Ugly Crying All More than Again

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

If we’re getting entirely sincere, the finale of “Hannah Montana” was most likely the genuine beginning of Miley Cyrus’ career. By the fourth season, Miley had clearly moved beyond the blonde wig, and she was ready to burst onto the scene as a serious musician. But that does not imply that fans were ready to let “Hannah” go just yet, so when the series aired its last episode five years ago these days (!!!), there had been some fairly critical expectations.

Luckily, the writers knew specifically what they were carrying out going into the finale. Rather than saving Miley’s reveal that she was Hannah to the globe for the final episode, they decided to drop that bomb a few episodes earlier and use their finale to concentrate on the actually important piece of the show: friendship.

Disney Channel

Proper from the pilot, Miley and Lilly’s friendship was the backbone of the series. When Lilly discovered out Miley’s secret, it was place to the ultimate test, and, of course, in super adorable style, the two passed, making their partnership stronger than ever.

Disney Channel

Throughout the show, Lilly (and, sooner or later Oliver) served as Miley’s rock, even when living a double life as Hannah got really, truly hard. They had been usually there for each and every other, and seeing this model of BFFship was a lot more fun to watch than even Hannah’s craziest performances.

So, going into the finale, when Miley started thinking about breaking her guarantee to go to Stanford with Lilly so she could film a film to Paris with Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg (which like, okay, sounds quite cool), fans have been devastated. Like, actual tears, ugly crying devastated.

Disney Channel

But then, Lilly decided that she would come to Paris with Miley, and it felt like everything was going to be A-okay again. Of course, though, it can’t be that straightforward, and Lilly at some point realized that she couldn’t give up her dream of going to college just to follow Miley. Suddenly, it seemed like our favorite pair would be split up once again. Break out the tissues.

In the finish, though, friendship triumphed, and Miley showed up at her and Lilly’s dorm area in a single of the most aww-inspiring moments Disney Channel has ever created, teaching us all that, if you’ve got fantastic buddies, you do not want anything else.

Disney Channel

Other friendships also popped up throughout the finale, with Rico and Jackson admitting that they’ve secretly been BFFs this whole time (which we all currently knew, since duh) and even Miley and Jackson acknowledging how much they really love each other. Basically, the finale was all about happiness and the relationships that make life worth it.

So it all ended with even far more tears, just this time, satisfied tears.

Disney Channel

We nevertheless miss you, “Hannah Montana”! Thanks for all the feels.


Dallas Mayor Explains Why White Males Are Scarier Than Refugees

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

When the mayor of Dallas, Texas not too long ago commented on the panicked and xenophobic responses from U.S. politicians in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, he made one thing clear: He’s not afraid of welcoming refugees in his city.

In an interview with MSNBC, mayor Mike Rawlings also pointed out a significant hypocrisy in many’s responses: “This is a critical situation. I am far more fearful of large gatherings of white guys that come into schools [and] theaters and shoot individuals up, but we don’t isolate young white guys on this issue.”

Embedded from

That is a statement that is as bold as it is correct: Statistically, a lot more men and women have been killed by “homegrown” — generally white — terrorists than by Islamic extremists. The majority of mass killings in the U.S. have also been perpetrated by white males.

While he’s not claiming that white males are inherently harmful or scary on their personal, he is pointing out that it would be incredibly hypocritical to generalize an whole group — particularly one particular that is clearly in need of (and, you know, entitled to) international protections. (Particularly without the numbers on their side.)

Rawlings also encouraged other Americans not to succumb to fear and Islamophobia and to as an alternative keep in mind that “ISIS is no far more Islamic than the Nazi senior staff was Christian, and we have got to differentiate amongst these.”

He said that even though there’s never ever any “100 percent guarantee” of safety, he had faith in the robust screening method for refugees.

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

&#13 Writer, puppy wrangler and feminist kill-joy

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 @Kathriller&#13 &#13


The Deeper Meanings Of A Leg, Lost And Located — And Fought More than

John Wood had to have his leg amputated after a plane crash in 2004, during which his father died. He wanted to preserve the leg as a memorial to his dad.

John Wood had to have his leg amputated following a plane crash in 2004, throughout which his father died. He wanted to preserve the leg as a memorial to his dad. Courtesy of The Orchard hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of The Orchard

Years ago, in the little town of Maiden, N.C., a man named Shannon Whisnant purchased a storage locker, and in it he discovered a grill. When he took both of them house and opened the grill, he discovered one thing he hadn’t been expecting: a mummified human leg.

Most men and women — 1 presumes — would’ve have wanted to get rid of the leg as soon as achievable. Whisnant, nonetheless, wanted to hold it. Trouble is, the original owner of the limb, John Wood, wanted it back. He’d had to have that leg amputated years earlier.

As you may possibly think about, what followed was a bizarre battle, a media frenzy — and, now, a new documentary named Finders Keepers.

Filmmakers Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel tell NPR’s Arun Rath they wanted to dig deep and get the story behind the spectacle.

“Yes there’s this moment of hilarity of two guys fighting more than a leg,” says Tweel, “but then how does the rest of it play out? And exactly where do their lives truly go following the media interest maybe actually dies down? And that’s type of, for us, where factors began to fill out, and we really started to feel like we had a feature film on our hands.”

Shannon Whisnant always craved the limelight. When he found the leg, he thought he'd stumbled upon his big break.

Shannon Whisnant always craved the limelight. When he found the leg, he believed he’d stumbled upon his massive break. Courtesy of The Orchard hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of The Orchard

Interview Highlights

On Shannon Whisnant, the man who found the leg

Tweel: Shannon is a type of self-made man, an entrepreneur of sorts. He bargains in kind of located goods and trying to resell them for a profit and he is usually searching for a way to turn a buck. … I feel what occurred was, he saw that the local media took to the story so speedily, and it gave him this kind of sense of fame and sort of power around getting on camera that he so longed for. He did a really good job, and it started receiving on nationally syndicated radio shows and sooner or later international and national Tv.

On John Wood, the man to whom the leg as soon as belonged

Carberry: John Wood was sort of the wealthy kid of this little town. Everyone knew John he was the cool kid, he was the rebel. He’s had 13 close to-death experiences … electrocuted twice, a couple out of body experiences. … John lost his leg in the very same plane crash where he lost his father’s life. And John was the co-pilot that day, type of took home some guilt from that, even if it wasn’t his fault. And so I think all of that sort of got tied up in his wanting to hold onto this leg.

On how the leg ended up in the grill in the storage locker

Carberry: [John] attempted a couple of things. No. 1 was placing it in the freezer. When his power got reduce off, he even took it to a buddy who worked at a Hardees. They place it in their freezer till the manager located it. His buddy worked at the mortuary so he borrowed some embalming fluid and did it himself at house. He soaked it in the embalming fluid, put it in a possum trap and put the trap in the tree in his front yard to sun dry and right after six months it was mummified. When he got evicted, it went into his grill in his storage unit.

On what inspired the directors to make the film

Tweel: I consider our job was then to continually to dig deeper and get to the heart of what makes these folks tick and they had been unbelievably trusting of us and much more truthful than a lot of men and women are on camera. So that permitted us to go to these locations that we didn’t initially expect.

On what the subjects thought when they saw the documentary

Carberry: Shannon had two notes. A single was that it could have been a little longer, and B., he believed there need to have been a small far more of him in it. …

Tweel: John has observed the film now numerous, many occasions. He genuinely likes it. He says he cries at a distinct portion at nearly each screening. My favorite point I’ve heard as a reaction is Marion, John’s sister — she felt like she’s been watching this story by means of a knothole in a fence, and she feels like we knocked the fence down for her. For us, as documentarians, that’s such a fantastic compliment.

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