First Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Has Big Laughs, Not Adequate Child Groot

The 1st teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just dropped, and it does not function almost adequate Child Groot. (Just saying.) What it does incorporate, nevertheless, is an update on Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Gamora’s (Zoe Saldana) relationship, or lack thereof, courtesy of Drax (Dave Bautista).

In the teaser, Drax not only advises Quill to locate a lady “as pathetic” as he is, rather than pine after Gamora, but he also drops the greatest, and most prolific life guidance of all time: “There are two kinds of beings in the universe — those who dance and those who do not.” It really is unclear when James Gunn’s Guardians joined the Step Up universe, but I am here for it.

The teaser also gives us a glimpse into some of the groovy action in Vol. 2. A battle-ready Gamora draws her blade, whilst her half-sister Nebula (Karen Gillan) can be observed sporting an exciting new look. Meanwhile, Yondu (Michael Rooker) — and his new red mohawk — is noticed walking, rather menacingly, down a bridge with Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). Ultimately, at the extremely end, we get a considerably-too-brief look at Baby Groot.

Does this imply Rocket and Child Groot get separated? Since I do not believe my heart could take it.


‘Huntsman: Winter’s War’ Trailer Teaser Presents A Polar Bear-Riding Emily Blunt

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The initial complete trailer for “Huntsman: Winter’s War” will be unveiled on Wednesday (Nov. 18), but in order to prepare fairy tale lovers for the “so much more” the adhere to up to 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” claims it’ll deliver, Universal Photographs released a 15-second trailer teaser that offers a sample of what Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron)’s poison apple tastes like kingdom will appear like in film two.

And even though some issues haven’t changed, ahem …

Universal Pictures

The teaser does provide up some new flashes of intrigue.

  • Like the truth that the Warrior can wield the sh-t out of those antler daggers.

    We’re told Jessica Chastain’s character name right here is Sara, but you know what? We’re going to choose to pretend it’s just Warrior, born and raised, simply because Look AT HER GO.

  • And the Ice Queen rides a polar bear, apparently.

    Whilst Queen Ravenna is partial to the crow, it looks like Emily Blunt’s Freya (named for the Norse mythology “party girl” maybe?)

  • Plus, um, are the Huntsman and the Warrior are gonna be knockin’ boots?

    Prepare yourselves for some prospective Huntsman-Warrior hotness onscreen in the course of “Winter’s War.” We only get the tiniest glimpse of it, but we’re pretty positive that is Chris Hemsworth de-clothes with the badass Warrior — and the synopsis definitely backs up that theory. That’s enough to melt the Ice Queen’s kingdom proper there is all we’re sayin’.

Watch the full trailer teaser beneath.

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“The Huntsman: Winter’s War” hits theaters April 22, 2016.

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