The Alchemist, Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon — assessment

Mark Lockyer in ‘The Alchemist’. Photo: Helen Maybanks©Helen Maybanks

Mark Lockyer in ‘The Alchemist’. Photo: Helen Maybanks

In the Royal Shakespeare Business gift shop in Stratford-upon-Avon you can purchase a Shakespearean Insult Generator kit, but old Bill was as nothing compared with his near-modern Ben Jonson. He is all too seldom staged these days, due to the fact his language refuses to be tamed. It can be dense, classical, or inventively vulgar . . .  sometimes all at once, as when one particular of the conspirators right here remarks of his companion operating on a single of their con victims, “She have to milk his epididymis.” It is virtually incomprehensible (the epididymis is element of the male genital plumbing), but sounds flamboyantly filthy and so gets the job carried out with verve.

The master of a London townhouse has fled to steer clear of the plague his butler has invited in a fraudulent alchemist and a whore, and together they gull a succession of victims ranging from a foolish but ambitious tradesman in search of a type of Jacobean feng shui reading to an epicurean nobleman (named, in fact, Sir Epicure Mammon) and a cult of religious dissenters who alike seek the limitless wealth of the Philosopher’s Stone.


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It’s fundamentally an excuse for a series of swift-modify comic turns, interwoven at ever-rising pace as with the greatest classic farces, till — also farcically — everything unravels at after.

The oddest issue about Polly Findlay’s revival is that it is not ostentatiously frenzied. Ken Nwosu as Face the butler, Mark Lockyer as Subtle the grouchy alchemist and Siobhán McSweeney as Dol Typical perform with the comparative calm and surely the assurance of practised swindlers. (Corin Buckeridge’s score suggestions us the wink with an overture of assorted movie themes including that of The Sting.) They can even improvise arguments that are virtually as vicious as their true ones.

Nevertheless, without having appearing to, the pace and intensity steadily build, stoked by the likes of Ian Redford’s hymns to excess as Mammon and Tom McCall, who manages to be at once languid and turbulent as a young man who desires to discover how to be fashionably quarrelsome.

And you can’t say the RSC are not acquiring their money’s worth out of that life-size plaster crocodile hanging from the ceiling: this isn’t its initial appearance this season . . .  it’ll be getting a programme biog subsequent.

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Don Quixote, Stratford-upon-Avon — ‘joyous’

Rufus Hound, left, and David Threlfall in the RSC's 'Don Quixote'©Helen Maybanks

Rufus Hound, left, and David Threlfall in the RSC’s ‘Don Quixote’

William Shakespeare was not the only international literary figure who died in 1616. It for that reason seems appropriate for the Royal Shakespeare Company to stage an adaptation of his exact contemporary’s magnum opus: Miguel de Cervantes’s Don Quixote.

Cervantes’s fantastic comic novel lends itself to imaginative staging. When the ageing Spanish protagonist becomes obsessed with published romances and comes to think himself a chivalrous knight errant, his delusions run wild. Even these who have in no way observed, let alone opened, the book know the episode exactly where he imagines windmills to be giants with flailing arms. Director Angus Jackson and designer Robert Innes Hopkins pull off the fantastical visuals with little set other than a few blocks and tackle and some trapdoors out of which massive, near-cutout windmills can be raised. They also cheekily make the knight’s horse and his squire Sancho Panza’s donkey out of wheelbarrow-like timber constructions that parody the puppets in War Horse.


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As the Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance himself, David Threlfall is all glittering eyes, extravagant white beard and two-foot waxed moustache, like a kestrel wearing a joke-shop disguise. As the lazy, cowardly Sancho, Rufus Hound continues his admirable journey from stand-up comedian to skilled comic actor. Here he operates the audience and the script alike, due in portion to masterly guidance on each accounts. Adapter James Fenton has the literary awareness to catch each the comedy and, specially in the second half, the poignancy of Cervantes’s tale. He has also written sharp however polished lyrics for a clutch of songs. (Fenton wrote the 1st version of the English libretto for Les Misérables.) And Wright’s direction is bolstered by Cal McCrystal, credited as “comedy director” and deft at letting us see round the corners of the functionality, as it were, and laugh at the staging as nicely as the material.

So a lot excellent storytelling is about stories themselves: what occurs if we allow ourselves to be captured by them, but also how they are vital to enriching our lives. Cervantes’s might be the initial wonderful function to address each these elements at when, and the RSC production does profound, joyous justice to it.

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