Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia Of Star Wars Fame, Dies At 60

Fisher suffered a enormous heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles last week. A spokeswoman for Fisher’s daughter said the actress died Tuesday morning.


Carrie Fisher died this morning at the age of 60. She had suffered a heart attack Friday whilst she was onboard a flight from London to Los Angeles. Fisher was an actress and a writer. She was very best known by far for her part as Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” movies.


CARRIE FISHER: (As Princess Leia Organa) I have placed information vital to the survival of the Rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit. My father will know how to retrieve it. You have to see this droid safely delivered to him on Alderaan. This is our most desperate hour. Aid me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

SIEGEL: NPR’s Andrew Limbong has this appreciation.

ANDREW LIMBONG, BYLINE: Carrie Fisher was 19 when she played Princess Leia Organa in the initial “Star Wars” film, playing a lady who just witnessed her complete planet disappear and nevertheless has to manage the guys who show up ostensibly to rescue her.


FISHER: (As Princess Leia Organa) I don’t know who you are or exactly where you came from, but from now on you do as I tell you, OK?

LIMBONG: It was here when Fisher started maintaining a diary, the stuff that would later turn out to be her current memoir, “The Princess Diarist.” Earlier this year, she told WHYY’S Fresh Air that she kept a log partly simply because she was 1 of the only females on set.


FISHER: I feel I sort of felt isolated. You know, I did not truly have anyone – I did not confide in men. Effectively, I didn’t confide in anyone.

LIMBONG: From there, she and Princess Leia had been forever tied. From a certain slant, that could be tragic. But right after some time, she discovered humor in her devoted fan base. This is from her 1-woman Broadway show turned 2010 HBO particular referred to as “Wishful Drinking.”


FISHER: And the guy behind the counter goes, aren’t you? Yeah. He said, I believed about you every single day from when I was 12 to when I was 22. And I mentioned, every single day?


FISHER: And he mentioned, effectively, four instances a day.


FISHER: What am I supposed to say, thank you?


LIMBONG: Carrie Fisher was born in 1956 to two huge stars, the singer Eddie Fisher and the award-winning actress Debbie Reynolds. Being born to two renowned people who ended up famously divorcing, again, could be tragic. But time passes and it becomes funny.


FISHER: I grew up – I grew up knowing that I had the prettiest mother of any person in my class. But, you know, my mom, she’s also – she’s a little bit eccentric. I mean, she does – she has a lot of distinctive tips. For instance, she believed that I need to have a youngster with her last husband, Richard, simply because it would have good eyes.


FISHER: I must almost certainly clarify this you prior to you think it is weird.


LIMBONG: Following “Return Of The Jedi,” she began writing books, beginning with the semi-autobiographical “Postcards From The Edge,” which is about a movie actress who works to overcome her drug addiction. Fisher had a issue with drug abuse and was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She wrote the screenplay to the movie version of “Postcards,” which came out in 1990, starring Meryl Streep.


MERYL STREEP: (As Suzanne Vale) So what am I supposed to do? Go to a halfway residence for wayward SAG members or something?

LIMBONG: Carrie Fisher was out and open about her problems with drugs and alcohol and mental illness and therapy. She told WHYY’s Fresh Air that getting all of this out there and speaking about the baggage was a way for her to comprehend herself.


FISHER: It creates community when you talk about private issues and you can discover other men and women that have the same issues. Otherwise, I never know, I felt really lonely with some of the issues that I had or history that I had. And when I shared about it, I located that other folks had it, as well.

LIMBONG: Sharing for Carrie Fisher was a way to look at life’s troubles and figure issues may be OK. Andrew Limbong, NPR News.

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Snoop Dogg, RZA, And Frequent Will Star In The Simpsons’ Hip-Hop Fantastic Gatsby

No word but as to regardless of whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio will make an look to reprise the most well-known GIF of his career in Springfield, but get excited, Simpsons fans: A Wonderful Gatsby-inspired epic is heading your way with a hip-hop twist.

Entertainment Weekly reports that The Simpsons have assembled Snoop Dogg, RZA, and Widespread — who producer Dan Greaney calls “the Mount Rushmore of rap” — for an upcoming episode that draws inspiration from your preferred book from 11th-grade lit.

The rappers will be voicing cartoonified versions of themselves for “The Excellent Phatsby,” and Taraji P. Henson and Keegan Michael-Important will also be signing on for the episode.

Instead of Nick Carraway, we’ll apparently have Homer taking a break from his doughnuts and “D’OH!”-ing to play narrator Mr. Burns will play the wealthy guy with the lavish estate in the Hamptons, a mogul named Jay G will come along and start a ton of problems, and all will descend into madness to the tune of some original music penned by Empire‘s music producer, Jim Beanz.

No word yet as to whether or not or not Martha Stewart will have a cameo, but chances are she’ll tune in to support her preferred dinner party co-host.


Not My Job: Country Star Wynonna Gets Quizzed On Other Judds

Singer Wynonna Judd of Wynonna &amp The Big Noise performs at the CMA Festival in Nashville, Tenn., in 2015.

Rick Diamond/Getty Pictures

Wynonna does not just sing nation music — she’s lived it. She grew up poor, married a guy named Cactus and says she’s gone “from an outhouse to the White Residence.”

Given that Wynonna is a member of the popular Judd household, we’ve invited her to play a game known as “A Judd by any other name evening nevertheless smell as sweet.” 3 questions about other Judds (or Juds).

Click the listen hyperlink above to see how she does.


And now the game exactly where we ask silly concerns of significant people. It’s known as Not My Job. So Wynonna does not just sing country music, she lived it. She grew up dirt poor, she’s tangled with the law and she’s married to a guy named Cactus. And she likes to say…

WYNONNA JUDD: I tangled with the law?

SAGAL: You did. Did you not keep in mind that?

JUDD: And the law won.


SAGAL: Well, yeah. We do – as she likes to say, she went from an outhouse to the White Home. We do not know if getting with us is going further on that journey or backwards to exactly where she came, but we’re delighted to welcome Wynonna to WAIT WAIT… Never Tell ME. How are you?


SAGAL: Sadly, our radio audience can’t see you, but you are a remarkable presence. You walked onto the stage like the queen of England hunting upon her subjects. Have been you constantly like that when you were a young woman?

JUDD: Yes.

SAGAL: You, like, walked into a room and, like, this is my room.

JUDD: Yes, I – swift story – I changed my name to Wynonna when I was 12, and I’d also told my mother at 18 due to the fact I made her famous at – when I was 18. Elvis was 18 when he signed with the identical label, so I had her get in touch with me Shelvis (ph).


SAGAL: Shelvis?

JUDD: That’s what you do.

SAGAL: Wait a minute.

JUDD: So, yeah.

SAGAL: So why’d you all – let’s go back. Why did you change your name at the age of…

JUDD: Since I can. This is America.


SAGAL: (Laughter).

JUDD: Simply because I could, honestly. I loved the song “Route 66” and the music that I listened to increasing up was big band and I just love Flagstaff, Ariz., do not overlook Winona, which is the story of my life. So Wynonna just was a name like Xena. It just – I necessary a name, men and women.

SAGAL: Yeah. When you Google – I don’t know if you know this – but if you Google you, you get these fantastic photographs from the ’80s. And you had some incredible hair.

JUDD: Bon Juddi (ph).

SAGAL: Oh, it was remarkable. It was – how long did that take to get your hair that…

JUDD: The greater the hair, the closer to heaven.

SAGAL: Yeah.


JUDD: Duh.

SAGAL: Now, you are – and you just correct me when I am wrong but don’t hit me…

JUDD: Oh, I will.

SAGAL: …’Cause I’m going to make some errors.


SAGAL: So your 1st big musical act was The Judds, you and your mom, correct?

JUDD: The artist formerly recognized as The Judds, yeah.

SAGAL: The artist formerly identified as The Judds.

JUDD: Listen, I’ve been performing my complete life. We lived in Appalachia – absolutely nothing to do, no Tv, no telephone. I was forced to listen to NPR against my will.


JUDD: I am quite significant.

SAGAL: This is hilarious ’cause I actually wanted to hear one particular of these wonderful, like, you know, Loretta Lynn stories of deprivation.

JUDD: No, no.

SAGAL: You happen to be like, there we have been, up in the hollow, nothing at all but NPR.


PETER GROSZ: That sounds, like, way worse than anything that Loretta Lynn…

SAGAL: Some days there was no dinner, so we had to listen to the initial hour of All Things Regarded more than once more.


SAGAL: So I have to ask, I know some teenage girls. I know some teenage girls’ moms. How did you and your mom get along touring all those years collectively?

JUDD: Subsequent question.

SAGAL: Truly?


JUDD: It was my dream growing up, but I never expected to be on a bus with her for ten years. But it – that’s not funny.


JUDD: Everybody constantly laughs when I say that.

SAGAL: That you were in a band with your mom for 18 years?

JUDD: Yeah.

SAGAL: It is fairly funny to believe of ’cause what – you know, we all watched “The Partridge Family members” growing up and that seemed quite good.

JUDD: Oh, that’s a bunch of crap.


SAGAL: 1 of the factors we located out about you – I assume you know this and enjoy this – is that you are one thing of an icon in the drag planet.

JUDD: Wow.

SAGAL: Is that correct?


JUDD: Yeah, you know you’ve created it when – real quick story, I never know how much time we have.

GROSZ: Oh, go.

JUDD: Guy came up to me in an airport and he mentioned, my girlfriend went as you, I imply, for Halloween. I went, OK, this is going to be great. And he goes, no, no, no, it was horrible. And I stated, what? And he goes, properly, I told her, you are black. That’s when you know you have made it – when a black drag queen goes as you as – for Halloween.

GROSZ: (Laughter).

SAGAL: That’s…


JUDD: That is a accurate story.

SAGAL: Yeah.

GROSZ: That’s crossover appeal.

JUDD: That is when you know. I really like everything, I actually do. I’ll show up at something. I’ve just learned – I’ve accomplished…

SAGAL: All correct.

JUDD: …Bar mitzvahs.

SAGAL: You have accomplished bar mitzvahs?

JUDD: Yeah, nun conventions, Harley rallies, yeah.

SAGAL: Wait a minute, I…

JUDD: Hell’s Angels.

SAGAL: Go back, go back, go back. So little Courtney Berkowitz (ph)…

JUDD: Yeah.

SAGAL: …Is being bar mitzvahed.

JUDD: Yep.

SAGAL: And at the reception…

JUDD: (Singing) Grandpa, tell me about the good old days. Oy.

SAGAL: I would like to hear you do Hava Nagila if you don’t forget it.

JUDD: (Laughter) I don’t even know what that implies.

SAGAL: (Laughter) Oh, it really is all proper. I am just going to devote a minute feeling really terrible at my – about my bar mitzvah.


SAGAL: Well, Wynonna, we have invited you right here to play a game we’re calling…

BILL KURTIS: A Judd by any other name may well nevertheless smell as sweet.

SAGAL: You are part of the most popular Judd family members in America, if not the globe, so we believed we would ask you about some of the other Judds out there. Answer 3 Judd-associated queries correctly and you’ll win our prize for a single of our listeners – Carl Kasell’s voice on their voicemail. Bill, who is Wynonna playing for?

KURTIS: Marti Fulton of Nashville, Tenn.


SAGAL: Prepared to do this?

JUDD: (Gasping).

SAGAL: All correct, right here is your first question. Keith Judd – he made news for taking almost half the vote in the West Virginia Democratic main against President Barack Obama in 2012.

JUDD: They have politics in West Virginia?

SAGAL: They do, they do.


SAGAL: This was – now, it was remarkable that Mr. Judd took nearly half the vote of the Democrats against Barack Obama in 2012. Why? A – Keith Judd is a fictional character from the Tv show the “Gilmore Girls” B – he ran from inside a prison in Texas exactly where he was serving 14 years for extortion or C – he is only three years old.

JUDD: I was hoping it would be, like, a dog or one thing. But, yeah, I’m going to go with the kid just since it sounds ridiculous.

SAGAL: No. No, I am afraid, in fact, he was running from inside a prison in Texas.

JUDD: I was going to pick that a single, crap. What does that tell you about politics that you can run from inside prison? Really?

SAGAL: Yeah. Apparently this is what this guy does for a hobby.

JUDD: Oh, my gosh.

SAGAL: He finds states you can register as a non-resident and he registers as a politician.

JUDD: Oh, I am sorry I did not win that ’cause I was going to go with that, but that sounded too…

SAGAL: Nicely, you have two a lot more probabilities. You two a lot more probabilities. As it turns out, second query, there is a definition for jud in the Urban Dictionary. According to them, what is a jud? A – anybody or anything that flouts standard norms of behavior or look B – a smooth, romantic move involving tripping your date so you can catch her or C – a sandwich in which a piece of bread is held in between two pieces of meat.


JUDD: I am going to say it really is A, but I want it to be C.


SAGAL: Are you going to go with A? Effectively, then you’re appropriate. Of course, that’s what a jud is.


SAGAL: A jud is a rebel. A jud doesn’t fit in. A jud does what it desires. But final query – if you get this right, you win it. Here we go. Hang on a second, I got to…

GROSZ: Stare into the light. Are you going to sneeze?

SAGAL: (Sneezing).

JUDD: Kikapa (ph).

SAGAL: Thank you.

GROSZ: Bless your heart.

JUDD: Chutzpah.


JUDD: That is the only word I know.

SAGAL: That is a very good one particular. That is a good a single for you to know.

GROSZ: That is really – misusing chutzpah in such a public and exciting way was a fantastic example of chutzpah.


GROSZ: That was aces.

SAGAL: We have 1 more query for you, Wynonna. Jud Buechler was his name. Jud Buechler was an NBA player. He played on the Chicago Bulls, great teams in the ’90s, with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. But Jud Buechler holds an NBA record himself. What is that record? A – the only individual foul committed with a jock strap B – most shots that missed the backboard completely and struck fans in the face or head or C – he played the most minutes in the most games with no truly doing something.

JUDD: I feel it’s C.

SAGAL: You consider it really is C, and you’re correct.


SAGAL: Jud Buechler is the NBA record holder with most minutes played without having any points, assists, rebounds or any other actual achievements on the court.


SAGAL: Bill, how did Wynonna do on our quiz?

KURTIS: She got two correct out of three, and that is a huge win for us.

SAGAL: (Unintelligible).

JUDD: Listen, I’ve won – I’ve had a very good life. I’ve carried out it all twice, and this is far more entertaining, really.


SAGAL: I agree with you. Wynonna is a five-time Grammy winner, 1 half of the legendary duo The Judds. Her most recent album is “Wynonna And The Massive Noise.” Wynonna, thank you so a lot for getting with us on WAIT WAIT… Do not Tell ME. Give it up for Wynonna.


JUDD: (Singing) I want to speak when I got the inclination. I want to move when I got the locomotion. I am going to do just what it requires to hold this smile on my face.

SAGAL: In just a minute, you have your chance to finish your 108-year lengthy limerick losing streak. Contact 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to join us on the air. We’ll be back in a minute with much more of WAIT WAIT… Do not Inform ME from NPR.

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Duet Partners: Erykah Badu Just Joined Forces With This Scream Queens Star

We just had a baduizm. For actual although.

In the sneak peek of Thursday’s Wild ‘N Out, below, neo-soul queen Erykah Badu plays a game of R&ampBeef — and even although she’s performing a mock version of her hit “Tyrone,” we nevertheless got a case of the feels.

Certain, the new lyrics are LOL funny, but you won’t be giggling when you hear her reach notes that rival Mariah. The icing on the case: singer/actress/Scream Queens star Keke Palmer, who joins the entertaining and adds some dulcet tones of her personal.

Watch the clip to hear Erykah and Keke bring the house down, then be confident to catch Wild ‘N Out Thursday at 10/9c!


Star Trek Beyond — film assessment: ‘Brisk and fun’

Chris Pine, centre, as Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek Beyond'

Chris Pine, centre, as Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

In a dark corner of space — let’s get in touch with it the final frontier — resentment has taken hold. There is a feeling of obtaining been left behind by a distant centralising power, whose agenda of peace and unity is noticed as an affront. The name of this power is the Federation, spat out in calls to seize back the galaxy and make it the spot it as soon as was. “The Federation has constantly pushed at the frontier,” goes one. “This is where the frontier pushes back!”

Yep. The pleasures of Star Trek Beyond are a lot of. Its digitally magicked action sequences, overseen by director Justin Lin, are loudly spectacular. The mood is brisk and enjoyable. Yet for lots of viewers, particularly British ones, there may not be much in the way of escapism in Simon Pegg’s script, which opens with the slapstick botching of a treaty prior to going ever far more boldly the way of Trexit.

Far more

IN Film &amp Tv

Nevertheless, the film is jauntily at ease with itself. Comfortable also is Captain Kirk (Chris Pine). Beginning his 966th day in deep space, probably too a lot so. “Things have started,” he muses, “to feel a tiny episodic.” The best moment, then, for Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to visit Starbase Yorktown, a vast floating city state. Its individuals could hardly be a lot more cosmopolitan: industrious, harmonious, occasionally lime green.

Quickly Kirk has all the adventure he could want. Initial a false pretext lures the Enterprise into uncharted space then enter a villain, Krall (Idris Elba), hunting like walking seafood. Mayhem ensues, his actual purpose quickly clear. Enraged by its pleased alliance, Krall plans to destroy the Federation — beginning with the metropolitan ways of Yorktown where, he sneers, “Millions of souls hold hands.”

Although its sense of peril would barely raise a sweat in a kindergarten, the film has surprising vim for the third component in a franchise inspired by a 50-year-old Tv show. Deft in accommodating the wants of fans, Lin offers the creak of the old a spot in a symphony of high-end effects. The latter brings warships massed like starlings, the former an ongoing reliance on sudden beamings up.

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Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin Dead At 27 After Fatal Auto Accident

Anton Yelchin, identified for his breakthrough overall performance in 2007’s Alpha Dog and for playing Chekov in J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot, was located dead at his Studio City, CA house early Sunday (June 19) morning, the Related Press confirms. He was 27.

TMZ reports that the actor was identified pinned amongst his car, the engine in neutral and nonetheless running, and a brick mailbox attached to his home’s security gate, which was at the bottom of a steep incline. While there’s no official cause of death at this time, Folks reports that Yelchin was found with head and chest injuries.

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Yelchin and his family moved to the United States in 1989 when he was six months old. He started acting at the age of nine and starred opposite Hank Azaria in the tv series Huff. Nonetheless, it was Yelchin’s heartbreaking performance in indie thriller Alpha Dog that earned him essential acclaim. That exact same year, he starred in the endearing teen comedy Charlie Bartlett.

Paramount Photos

Yelchin as Chekov in 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

He scored the function of young engineer Chekov in 2009’s Star Trek reboot. The third film in the franchise, Star Trek Beyond, will be released in July.

Several of his Star Trek co-stars, such as directors J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin, took to social media to spend tribute to their pal and Starship Enterprise comrade.

“Our dear pal. Our comrade. Our Anton. One of the most open and intellectually curious men and women I have ever had the pleasure to know,” Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the Star Trek films, wrote on Instagram. “So enormously talented and generous of heart. Wise beyond his years. And gone just before his time. All enjoy and strength to his family members at this not possible time of grief.”

Yelchin, an only youngster, is survived by his parents.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wins Film Of The Year With A (Star)Killer Tribute

As if any other film in the galaxy could compete with Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Movie of the Year. Episode VII took residence the night’s prime prize at the 2016 MTV Film Awards, and franchise star, and Breakthrough Performance winner, Daisy Ridley and director J.J. Abrams were on hand to accept the Golden Popcorn for the cast and crew in the course of the Saturday night taping on the Warner Bros. backlot.

The duo, who left production on Star Wars: Episode VIII to attend the massive show (!), created very the entrance as they walked by way of a deconstructed recreation of the 1st Order’s Starkiller Base amid an audience holding hundreds of lightsabers.

“I gotta say, it was an outstanding honor to be element of the Star Wars saga,” Abrams stated, holding his popcorn proudly. Whereever this little guy was, he was freakin’ thrilled:

Relive Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ kiss and more of the most significant moments from 25 years of the Movie Awards:

Embedded from

Watch the 2016 Movie Awards on Sunday, April 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Not My Job: We Ask &#039Madoff&#039 Star Richard Dreyfuss About Fonzie Schemes



Actor Richard Dreyfuss poses for a portrait on Dec. 12, 2015, in Dubai.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Pictures for DIFF

In 1975 Richard Dreyfuss starred in what was then the highest-grossing movie of all time: JAWS. Now, he stars as the title character in the ABC miniseries Madoff — and, unlike in JAWS — this time he’s in the part of the shark.

Since Dreyfuss will be portraying Bernie Madoff, who ran a $ 65 billion Ponzi scheme, we’ll quiz him on Fonzie’s schemes — 3 questions about the life and occasions of Arthur Fonzarelli as portrayed by Henry Winkler on Pleased Days.



And now the game exactly where we ask achieved people to accomplish one particular far more factor. It is known as Not My Job. Richard Dreyfuss got renowned from “The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz” and “American Graffiti.” He starred Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” and what was then the highest-grossing film of all-time, “Jaws.” He won an Oscar nothing at all for “The Goodbye Girl.” And now he stars as the title character in “Madoff,” exactly where, unlike “Jaws,” this time he plays the shark. Richard Dreyfuss, hello and welcome to WAIT WAIT… Don’t Inform ME.

RICHARD DREYFUSS: Thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.




PESCA: …I study – I read in an old interview that you once said that acting in “Jaws” and “Close Encounters” – that acting in these films, your job was to make factors that weren’t there appear believable. So that is sort of good preparation for playing Bernie Madoff, appropriate?

DREYFUSS: Yeah, I never thought of it that way. Yeah, in “Jaws” and in “Close Encounters,” Steven Spielberg when stated to me, could I ask you a query? And I said certain. He stated, you keep in mind when we had been performing “Jaws” and I was telling you to say factors like oh, look at that, appear at that and there was practically nothing there? And I said yeah. He said, did you ever really feel stupid?


DREYFUSS: And I mentioned Steven, you are an authority figure. Do not do this to me.


PESCA: So I watched – I watched “Mr. Holland’s Opus” with my children a couple weeks ago. Now, I have to inform you, my dad’s a teacher, my mom’s a teacher, my sister’s a teacher , my brother-in-law is a teacher. Do other non-teachers often cry at “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” or is it just my loved ones?

DREYFUSS: (Laughter) Well, actually, I – not only do I cry, there were a thousand extras in that film. And we were – we all have been so taken by this plot and by this guy that we would shoot let’s say the scene exactly where I do – I am singing to my son. And I’d appear out at the audience and there would be someone who would say, do it once more.


PESCA: That is stunning. Now I want to ask you about “Close Encounters.” Did that adjust your relationship to mashed potatoes?


DREYFUSS: As somebody who’s on a perpetual diet program, I have no relationship.

PESCA: So in playing Bernie Madoff, how does it perform as an actor? Do you try to determine with him? So even if you have come to believe and study the case that maybe he’s as significantly of a symptom as he is just a bad apple, is there a way to convey that via your performance, or do you let everything else convey that point?

DREYFUSS: No, that’s not what my job is. In this film, my job was to play that poor apple. At the starting just before I had completed any analysis, I was thinking nicely, I will probably, you know, find good attributes in him. But no, I never ever did.



PESCA: But I consider when actors can go wrong in playing the con artist, they emphasize the con. But you are emphasizing the artistry. You have to show how good he was at conning folks, not by twirling the mustache but by turning on the charm.

DREYFUSS: That is specifically the appropriate phrase. What I had to do was to be as friendly and gentle and loving as any uncle Bernie could be simply because no a single else would be capable to take people’s funds from them. They are not going to give it to the mustache twirler.

PESCA: Right.

DREYFUSS: And that is also how I played Dick Cheney.

PESCA: Yeah.

DREYFUSS: (Laughter).

GROSZ: Yeah.

PESCA: I was thinking about that.

DREYFUSS: That was a lie. That was a lie.

PESCA: But you also had been…

GROSZ: That was excellent although, I mean, there had been a lot of very good performances in that film.

PESCA: That was the film “W.”

GROSZ: Yeah, the movie – film “W,” but you were virtually as scary as I perceived the actual Dick Cheney to be watching that film. I thought it was wonderful.

PESCA: With much less nuclear weapons though is the point…

GROSZ: Yes, specifically.

PESCA: …Yeah.

DREYFUSS: I’ve played each Republican villain. I played Hague (ph), I’ve played Cheney. I’ve played them all. I don’t forget getting cast in the old days. Steven cast me simply because I had the potential to appear at something which did not exist however. And I constantly told him that the name of the book I would in no way create is “Have They Figured Out But What I’m Looking Up In Awe At?


DREYFUSS: So now I play villains. And 1 day, I’ll – I do not know, play rope-jumpers.

PESCA: There’s yet another main category of part that you play as I was going over your career. You play – you are the guy who’s ballast (ph), who’s probity, who’s order. And then you come into make contact with with disorder, appropriate – “Down And Out In Beverly Hills” with Nick Nolte or “What About Bob?” with Bill Murray. And I was wondering if there’s something about you that you tap into it ’cause you seem like a cut up, but are you a far more significant guy than we know?

DREYFUSS: I am humanity’s face, OK?


GROSZ: That is a quite bold statement, sir.

SHELBY FERO: I say that each and every time I stroll into a space.

DREYFUSS: And I want you to know, it was halfway out of my mouth and I believed you are creating a error, Richard.


PESCA: So Richard, I study this article from 1978 that stated that then – back then you never had gotten your Oscar engraved. And I wanted the update, have you considering that had it engraved?


PESCA: OK, excellent.

FERO: They do not engrave it for you?

DREYFUSS: No, they do. What you are supposed to do is to give it back prior to you leave that evening.

FERO: Oh, right.

DREYFUSS: And I took it, and I ran into this limo. And I went to this plane to fly to New York, exactly where I was appearing in “Julius Caesar.” And I just clutched it till I got to the rehearsal area of the theater. And then I place it down in front of my space. And each actor did the identical point. They came in and mentioned where is it, exactly where is it? Let me – and then I said now listen, when I make my entrance tonight, there is going to be applause. So just hold it.


GROSZ: (Laughter) Just won an Oscar.

DREYFUSS: Guess what occurred? Practically nothing.


DREYFUSS: There was no applause. Each actor made it his organization to stroll by me in the course of the show and say so, they have been going to give you applause.


PESCA: All appropriate, Richard Dreyfuss, we have asked you here to far better play a game that we are calling…


PESCA: So as we mentioned, in the ABC miniseries “Madoff,” you play the titular financier who was actually running a $ 65 billion Ponzi scheme. So with that in mind, we’re going to ask you 3 concerns not about Ponzi schemes but about Fonzie schemes, the life and times of Arthur Fonzarelli, as portrayed by Henry Winkler from “Pleased Days.” If you answer two of these queries properly, you will win our prize – Carl Kasell’s voice on the voicemail of 1 of our listeners. Bill, who is Richard Dreyfuss playing for?

KURTIS: Gary Bentley of Temple, Texas.

PESCA: All right…

DREYFUSS: I’m so sorry, Gary.


PESCA: All proper, Richard Dreyfuss, here is your initial query. I know that you are heavily involved in civics through the Dreyfuss Foundation. But presidential politics was one of Fonzie’s passions as well. In an episode of “Satisfied Days,” which political action did Fonzie really take? A, he endorsed Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1956 presidential campaign, saying I like Ike, my bike likes Ike, B, he decried Sen. Joe McCarthy’s tactics by telling a young Republican who supported tail-gunner Joe that he was a nerd of the highest order or C, he supported the Little Rock Nine by saying in 1 episode that Arkansas Gov. Orvaul Faubus was uncool to preserve those little ones out of school.

DREYFUSS: I’d say A.

PESCA: You are right.

GROSZ: Yeah.


PESCA: He did indeed endorse Dwight D. Eisenhower.


PESCA: Richie endorsed Adlai Stevenson, and we know how that went. All appropriate, right here is your next question. “The Fonz And The Content Days Gang” was, of course, an animated Tv series that lasted three seasons. Fonzie, Ralph Malph and a dog named Mr. Cool employed a time machine to intervene in historical events. I never have to inform you this. You are a student of the theater.


PESCA: OK, so which isn’t an actual plot to an actual episode of “The Fonz And The Happy Days Gang?” A, they went to ancient Iraq where they assisted King Nebuchadnezzar in safeguarding his famous Hanging Gardens from an evil prince, B, they went to England in 1066, exactly where attempted to distract William of Normandy with Chuck Berry music for the duration of the Battle of Hastings or C, they visited a Peruvian jungle in 1532, exactly where Fonzie and the gang befriended kind Incas in order to save them from Francisco Pizarro.

DREYFUSS: You’ve got to be kidding me.

PESCA: Yeah, I know.


PESCA: Two of these had been green-lit. Which wasn’t?

DREYFUSS: The last one.

PESCA: No, I am sorry, it was William of Normandy. But you’ve got one particular more likelihood. Get this proper to win. Here’s your final question. Fonzie is honored throughout our culture, as in which of these actual examples? A, is it accurate that a researcher dubbed an anonymous patient who would only put on blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a black leather jacket, the patient was dubbed Fonzie in the healthcare literature, B, neurologists appear for a symptom referred to as the Fonzarelli Sign, in which individuals give a permanent thumbs up or C, a British air-conditioner firm has 3 settings – hot, medium and Fonzie because Fonzie’s cool.


DREYFUSS: There was a Fonzie neurology issue.

PESCA: Yes, the – in neurology…


PESCA: …There is a symptom known as the Fonzarelli Sign.


PESCA: Bill, how did Richard Dreyfuss do on our quiz?

KURTIS: You won.

DREYFUSS: Gary, I hope you happen to be satisfied.


PESCA: Gary, Richard Dreyfuss did it for you. And Richard Dreyfuss is starring in the new ABC show “Madoff.” Richard Dreyfuss, thanks so a lot for getting on WAIT WAIT… Don’t Tell ME.

DREYFUSS: Thank you extremely much.


PRATT AND MCCLAIN: (Singing) These days are ours, share them with me. Oh, content days. These days are ours…

PESCA: In just a minute, when Chinese meals is as well excellent, it is our Listener Limerick Challenge. Call 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to join us on-air. We’ll be back in a minute with far more of WAIT WAIT… Do not Inform ME from NPR.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens — spectacular, entertaining, flawed

Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens© 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd

Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As quickly as I left the cinema following Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a star war scarcely much less momentous started up in my film critic’s brain. “I feel it need to be four stars,” mentioned 1 hemisphere. “No, 3 stars,” stated the other. “Why? It is a spectacular, dramatic and entertaining film,” argued H1. H2: “Yes, but it is fundamentally 1 Damn Point After One more.” H1: “Well, aren’t they all?” H2: “Aha! Is that your case? Then there is validation, is there” — turning to the jury — “in common result in catchpenniness and lowest-denominator derring-do?”


On this topic

Nigel Andrews

Properly, no. There isn’t. So it is three stars. But let me say this. I enjoyed the seventh Star Wars film much more than any since The Empire Strikes Back and significantly much more than — yes, reader, I was there, for this newspaper, reviewing it — the now 38-year-old saga start-up. I even remember (shimmer and lap-dissolve) the Ivy Restaurant press luncheon afterwards. Throughout it Sir Alec Guinness, seated at my table, cast a censorious glance at my asking R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) if I could have the rest of his uneaten main course. I had it. The moral: when two or much more dimensions are gathered with each other after a historic (to-be) film screening, Manicheism parochial recapitulates Manicheism aetiological.

So I know my Star Wars. Its two strengths have often been spectacle and fun. Spectacle, exciting and a wild interplanetary heroism. Three strengths. And its weaknesses have always been kindergarten mythmaking, boy-scout ethics and a practically certifiable obsession with parenthood. “You are my father” “You are my son.” We get that in the new film. It provides an electrifying moment late on — the film’s greatest scene — but it seems, like significantly of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a reinvocation, a re-litanising, of what went ahead of: an echoing sometimes suspiciously much more (to the suspicious) like the ringing of the money register than the tolling of a mythic crucial.

But there is so significantly excellent in JJ Abrams’ direction and script, co-written with Michael Arndt and Lawrence Kasdan. He provides the Millennium Falcon, decaying in a scavengers’ desert, a thrilling resurrection and aerial exercise. He strews the landscapes, and tavern-ish scenes at a picturesque brigands’ castle on Planet Somewhere, with mutants and monsters in greatest Lucas tradition. I loved the unclassifiable pachyderm slopping water at a trough, and the wrinkled visionary crone with a face like a sliced butternut squash. It is wonderful as well to have Harrison Ford bringing Homeric heft, and humour, to the older Han Solo. He is the triumph of the casting, closely followed by Adam Driver as warrior prince to the baddies, a victim of moral torment with a touch of Milton’s Satan. His extended, gothic-Byronic attributes and de profundis baritone give ballast to the last reel’s speech-ballooning comic book escapades.

But — and there constantly is 1 — what specifically is it we are watching? Is it any a lot more, in substance, than “this bit’s fun” and “that bit isn’t”? A teasing quest objective (no spoilers) just about gives path to this movie’s plot. But I spy no longer-variety story location for Disney’s Star Wars reboot, apart from far more clusters of baddies going up against much more clusters of goodies.

The goodies are fronted by two new leads, each British unknowns, who require more detail and finish. Daisy Ridley cuts a fetching figure as a striding scavenger heroine, bearing a staff and dressed in pleats like a thrift-shop Artemis. But five minutes soon after seeing the film I couldn’t don’t forget her face or voice. Black actor John Boyega, who has been trolled by imbeciles for extending the saga’s racial acoustic (no a single remember Billy Dee Williams?), is likeable, open-featured and puppyishly hyperactive. But even he wilts, like a flower in excess sunlight, in the presence of Ford, who wipes competition with a single look or a one-liner. There was a little cheer for Carrie Fisher’s very first look as “General” Leia. She plucks old-timers’ heartstrings and bats nonetheless-fairly eyes. But she appears, here, to be acting on an power-saving bulb.

What troubles most is that Star Wars is beginning to appear like every single other franchise epic. Is that the expense of something-is-possible stories set in elastic universes? I kept getting flashes of The Hunger Games and The Lord of the Rings. The characters costumed in quasi-timeless garb (neo-Grecian the favourite). The PlayStation plots with their gauntlets of danger and games of survival. The weirdos and wackos wall-to-wall in the supporting cast. And the sense that in our gaming generation a “next level” awaits, eternally or recurringly, in the spiralling cycle of good versus evil: although we really feel a lot more and much more that the subsequent level is anything an anxious film sector can think up to keep audiences on the current level of emptying their pockets whenever The Movie Force needs.

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