Vince Staples Practically Gets Run Over, Like, 50 Times In GTA’s New Video

Fresh off releasing his stellar EP Prima Donna, Vince Staples has teamed up with Miami DJ duo GTA for the fresh, kinetic collab “Little Bit of This.”

The track’s music video dropped right now (September 15), and I’m imagining the initial pitch meeting for it went anything like this: “How about we abandon Vince Staples in the middle of nowhere and have a bunch of old vehicles furiously zoom about him so fans will completely fear for his life and wellbeing???”

Indeed, poor Vince is smack in the middle of the action, searching admirably calm although at least a dozen black BMWs kick up dust and rip donuts about him. But no matter — the Extended Beach rapper is also busy spitting rapid-fire verses to notice. It is chaotic, confident, but at least it is controlled chaos.

“A Tiny Bit of This” seems on GTA’s debut album, Great Occasions Ahead, which arrives October 7 and also features Tinashe and Tunji Ige.