Duet Partners: Erykah Badu Just Joined Forces With This Scream Queens Star

We just had a baduizm. For actual although.

In the sneak peek of Thursday’s Wild ‘N Out, below, neo-soul queen Erykah Badu plays a game of R&ampBeef — and even although she’s performing a mock version of her hit “Tyrone,” we nevertheless got a case of the feels.

Certain, the new lyrics are LOL funny, but you won’t be giggling when you hear her reach notes that rival Mariah. The icing on the case: singer/actress/Scream Queens star Keke Palmer, who joins the entertaining and adds some dulcet tones of her personal.

Watch the clip to hear Erykah and Keke bring the house down, then be confident to catch Wild ‘N Out Thursday at 10/9c!


13 Sex Ed Scenes That’ll Make You Scream For Days

No matter whether your high school encounter was a teenage dream or the worst kinda hell, you and the rest of your classmates have been entirely in it with each other for at least one particular portion of the process: When you had to go through Sex Education classes.

No matter your variations, we can nearly guarantee you had been all united in a shared state of cringe for the entire duration of that day. And whilst you may not want to relive that lecture ever once again, right here are a couple of especially hilarious reproductive wellness lessons from the films and Television that’ll make yours appear like a day at the park in hindsight.

  1. Teen Witch

    We have this scene to thank for this glowing array of euphemisms for male genitalia: “A roger, a adore wand, joystick, dong, zipper lizard, tally whacker, trouser snake, [and] schlong.”

  2. This overall health instructor may have been consistent with his policy that abstinence is the only sure issue (groan), but at least he handed out some protection at the end there for these who, um, don’t agree with his philosophy.

  3. Varsity Blues

    Miss Davis discovered a lesson right here: Never doubt a 17-year-old boy for his familiarity with the male erection.

  4. Milk Income

    This kid had a pro come in to clarify the Xs and Os of the birds and the bees, and … properly, do not attempt this at home is all we’re saying.

  5. Even senior citizens can advantage from a tiny 411 on their netherworlds.

  6. Yeah, so, who wouldn’t want to understand all about sex from an animated version of the species that is so with it, reproductively, that they’re the scale to which especially active humans are compared?

  7. Well, that settles it. Spit-yelling these words doesn’t make ’em any less awkward.

  8. Censorship of the vulva? Not cool, teach.

  9. Undoubtedly, Perhaps

    Hearing a nine-year-old spit out the word “ejaculated” just might be exact point exactly where that invisible line lies amongst “well, that is life” and “HELL TO THE NO.”

  10. There’s constantly one guy being a total dad about the whole issue.

  11. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    A hands-on lesson on correct positioning from Aldous Snow is clearly the ninth layer of hell.

  12. Monty Python’s Meaning of Life

    Here’s the 1 that tends to make you glad there are decency laws forbidding your teacher from stripping down and bedding his wife prior to the complete class even though describing his actions in detail simply because WTFFFFFFF. ::Orders all the eyewash.::

  13. Old College

    Who’s hungry? (Or possibly much better place, who’s lost their appetite?)


Nick Jonas Gets Undressed In This ‘Scream Queens’ 1st Appear

Sure, the ladies of “Scream Queens” are fierce, fabulous and one hundred percent ***flawless, but the fellas are quite outstanding, as well.

But we do not need to have to tell you that. Let the guys of “Scream Queens” (which premieres tonight!) — aka the “Scream Kings” — tell you all about their scene-stealing characters in this hilarious behind-the-scenes video, which MTV News is premiering beneath. And as an added bonus: Nick Jonas has partially undressed himself for this momentous occasion. We are so #blessed:

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

Chad (Glen Powell) and Boone (Jonas) belong to the ~prestigious/grossly pretentious~ fraternity, the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Closer than most greatest bros, Chad and Boone share some fairly intimate scenes togethers. But just so we’re clear, if Nick Jonas wants to spoon you in the middle of the evening, YOU DO IT. #Hugs.

Meanwhile, Pete (Diego Boneta) is the handsome outsider of the group. He’s over Greek Life and is now laser-focused on solving a grisly string on murders on campus.

We want we were much more concerned about the Red Devil killer, but tbh, we can’t be bothered to care when Nick Jonas is on screen.