Not My Job: We Quiz Sen. Bernie Sanders On KFC&#039s Colonel Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during a news conference on Dec. 23, 2015, in Chicago, Ill.

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This week, we welcome the world’s foremost Larry David impersonator (and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate) onto the show.

Given that Not My Job is all about asking crucial men and women irrelevant queries, we’ll quiz Sen. Bernie Sanders on Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Click the listen link above to see how he does.

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Can You Guess Even Far more Disney Channel Original Motion pictures From Emojis? [QUIZ]

The 100th Disney Channel Original Movie (!!!) will premiere later this year, and what much better way to celebrate all factors DCOM by taking an additional emoji-themed quiz?

Final year, you aced our first DCOM emoji quiz with flying colors… or, possibly not (whatever, we do not judge). Now we’re back with fifteen new movies that’ve been emojified. You’ll require all of the Luck of the Irish to master this 1, though.

I am still upset I wasn’t a contestant on ‘Figure It Out’ in the ’90s.



How Effectively Do You Bear in mind The Lyrics To Will Smith’s ‘Men In Black’? [Quiz]

At this point, Will Smith has saved the planet in a large percentage of his function films. For a whilst there, that’s kinda all he did. In Independence Day and I, Robot and Hancock, Smith was the preeminent savior we could count on to defend us against planetary threats of all nefarious natures. But for my funds, Smith’s charming role as Agent J in the Males In Black trilogy outshines all the other folks. (That’s partly why Will is getting the Generation Award at the 2016 MTV Film Awards, FYI.)

The dude also produced infectious theme music for the 1st two films, so, like, how could he not be the kind of savior we want? The quite initial MIB film, although, had the best song: a fun, bouncy four minutes of icy post-disco samples known as, appropriately enough, “Men In Black.” It is been 19 years because the song (and the movie) came out. How properly do you remember the words?


Not My Job: We Quiz The Duplass Brothers On Sibling Rivalry



Mark, left, and Jay Duplass pose at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Mark, left, and Jay Duplass pose at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Victoria Will/Invision/AP hide caption

toggle caption Victoria Will/Invision/AP

Some siblings discover it challenging just to be below the exact same roof, but Mark and Jay Duplass have teamed up to make far more than a dozen films. They’ve lately branched out into tv with their HBO show Togetherness.

Since these brothers get along so effectively, we’ve asked them to take a break from writing, directing, acting and producing to play a game referred to as “Hating you is like hating myself.” 3 queries about brothers who did not see eye to eye.



And now the game exactly where we ask folks who do a lot of fascinating issues to do something dull. It is named Not My Job. If you turned on your Tv recently, specially to premium cable, and you saw a wise, funny, type of sad movie or Television show about folks struggling with household relationships – shows like “Transparent” or “The League” or “Togetherness,” probabilities are you saw a Duplass brother. Jay and Mark Duplass are writers, directors, actors and brothers. And they join us now. Jay and Mark Duplass, welcome to WAIT WAIT… Never Inform ME.


JAY DUPLASS: Thank you.

SAGAL: All correct…

MARK DUPLASS: Is that applause all for us?


SAGAL: It is. It is for you. So let me ask you some thing, how do we tell you apart to commence with?

M. DUPLASS: You don’t.

J. DUPLASS: You do not.

SAGAL: Genuinely? Is this…

M. DUPLASS: We appear extremely diverse, but we have the same exact voice, so you guys are just screwed.


SAGAL: I imply, we have been asking yourself ’cause we had been considering oh, the Duplasses are on the show – like the Duplassey (ph), like Duplasseyi (ph). Do you have a plural to describe you guys?

J. DUPLASS: We have been referred to as the Dupli (ph). That is our preferred approach of plural reference.

SAGAL: All proper, the Dupli.

MAZ JOBRANI: Not the Duplasse (ph)?

M. DUPLASS: It’s got a particular Latin flavor. I think it is ablative plural.

SAGAL: Yeah.


SAGAL: If you have been Jewish, you would be the Duplassim (ph), I guess.

MO ROCCA: Duplassim, yeah.

SAGAL: Yeah, now…

JOBRANI: (Singing) Duplassim, Duplassam, life goes on. La, la, la, la, life goes on.


SAGAL: So you guys generally – it is impossible now to turn on a tv and not see you. So let me ask you this – I mean, everybody knows the Coen brothers and they have specific hallmarks in their films, a type of quirky humor, specific type of themes. How – is there, like, a Duplasse brothers themes or formula that you could describe that holds your operate with each other?

M. DUPLASS: Nicely, we – the other – I guess it was a handful of months ago, we had been approached about undertaking kind of – sort of like a massive action-ey kind of movie. And we said, we would be open to that if you are willing to have your major villain cease in the middle of a auto chase, get out, sit on the sidewalk and talk about his feelings to his mother for ten minutes straight. And they mentioned, I do not consider we make that film. And we mentioned, well, that is what Duplassian is called. That’s what we do.

SAGAL: Yeah, it is like Kubrickian had a particular sort of cold, austere sense to it. But Duplassian indicates men and women fundamentally just becoming inarticulate about their feelings.

M. DUPLASS: And crying a lot.

SAGAL: Crying a lot.

J. DUPLASS: Our autobiography would be “Feelings And The Folks Who Really feel Them.”


SAGAL: “The Duplass Story.”

ROCCA: Could that be a mumblecore superhero?

SAGAL: Oh, yeah, I wanted to ask you about that since I said oh, we’re having the Duplass brothers on the show. And the particular person mentioned oh, you imply the mumblecore pioneers? Due to the fact apparently, some individuals contact your genre of filmmaking mumblecore – folks mumbling their feelings to each and every other more than a period of time.

M. DUPLASS: I imply, when I very first heard that word, I just assumed it was, like, referring to some sort of fairly extreme pornographic trend in the Nordic regions…


M. DUPLASS: …And I do not know how it applies to us.

ROCCA: I believed it referred to the parents in the “Peanuts” cartoons.

M. DUPLASS: Oh, yeah, there you go, yeah…

ROCCA: The way they talk – (imitating “Peanuts” mumbling).

J. DUPLASS: That was the original mumble core.

SAGAL: Yeah. Properly, Jay and Mark Duplass, we have asked you here to play game we’re calling…

KURTIS: Hating You Is Like Hating Myself.

SAGAL: So you guys get along truly well, which is wonderful. In reality, you get along so effectively, it is a small weird. So we believed we’d ask you about pairs of brothers who hate each other. Answer two queries about those and you will win our prize for a single of our listeners — Carl Kasell’s voice on their voicemail, berating his evil brother, Bob Kasell. Bill, who are the Duplass brothers playing for?

KURTIS: Jean Allen of New Orleans, La.

SAGAL: All appropriate, Mark and Jay, he is your initial question. Which of these renowned folks had a feud with their brother? Was it A, Leonardo da Vinci, who was continually being confused with his brother Guillermo da Vinci, who was a residence painter, B, the comedian Gallagher, who ended up suing his personal brother Ron Gallagher, aka Gallagher II, for stealing his famous Sledge-O-Matic bit or C, Jerome Flatley, brother of the Irish “Lord Of The Dance” Michael Flatley, who advertised himself, quote, “as the one who moves his arms, too.”


M. DUPLASS: You see, “The Secret,” where you use the secret and you will items into getting – “The Secret” wants me to decide on C simply because I really want to see the Flatley feud take place on stage someday.

SAGAL: That would be great. It would be like Jerome Flatley dancing and fighting with his brother Michael Flatley, and Jerome Flatley keeps hitting him with his arms and Michael Flatley can not do that simply because he cannot move his arms.

J. DUPLASS: Since we’ve all been waiting for that dance-off where they truly do punch every other.


M. DUPLASS: I’m feeling B. How about you?

J. DUPLASS: I’m feeling B.

SAGAL: You happen to be correct. It was, in reality, Gallagher.


M. DUPLASS: Oh, yes.

SAGAL: Gallagher sued his brother.


SAGAL: Gallagher sued Gallagher II for copyright infringement. Subsequent query – lately, The New York Instances featured an write-up on identical twins who are engaged in a lifelong feud. Who are they? Are they A, Mikkel and Jeppe Bjergso, identical twin Danish genius craft brewers who loathe each other’s beers, B, Giovanni and Christian Reyardi of Brazil, who are competing Frank Sinatra impersonators, or C, Marvin and Irving Frankel, the two competing rabbis of Chicken, Alaska, competing to attract the town’s only other Jew to their synagogue.


M. DUPLASS: Something tells me the way that bearded Nordic guys feel about their alcohol could be the deepest factor on the planet.

J. DUPLASS: And that the lifelong feud has been fueled by hops…


J. DUPLASS: …And wheat.

M. DUPLASS: And wheat. So…

J. DUPLASS: Possibly they are gluten intolerant as well.



SAGAL: By the way, for individuals who have not observed any of the Duplass brothers’ films, this is it. This is fundamentally – this could be a scene.

M. DUPLASS: As great as it gets in the mumblecore Duplassian genre.


J. DUPLASS: We retain the rights to this episode…


J. DUPLASS: …By the way.

SAGAL: I understand.


M. DUPLASS: Let’s not think about it. Let’s count to three and say a letter. One, two, three…



SAGAL: You happen to be proper.


SAGAL: That is it.



SAGAL: Stated Jeppe Bjergso of his brother Mikkel’s blueberry beer, quote, I believe it really is disgusting. It tastes like Kool-Aid. This really truly is your next film – two craft brewers who hate every single other.

J. DUPLASS: It really is incredible.

M. DUPLASS: Nicely, due to the fact what’s going to be so wonderful is that moment correct around minute 70 when Giuseppe (ph) finds his brother, who has been criticizing his blueberry beer the entire time…

SAGAL: Yeah.

M. DUPLASS: …Secretly enjoying it lasciviously in the garage. And then he cries to him and says I often knew you had been greater than me.

SAGAL: Oh, man.

JOBRANI: Wow, good.

SAGAL: All correct, final query – at times siblings have to come up with inventive ways to express their distaste for every other, like when a man in Florida did what? A, used his mom’s obituary in the newspaper to talk smack about his siblings…

JOBRANI: Hilarious.

SAGAL: …B, alter his name from Anthony Goodson to The Goodson…


SAGAL: …Or C, bought his brother’s favorite bar in Tampa just so he could ban him from ever coming in.


M. DUPLASS: I have a extremely sturdy feeling here that it’s A or C. I put B away in my brain.

J. DUPLASS: I agree.

M. DUPLASS: I put Mr. The away. I want see to be it very, really badly.

J. DUPLASS: I want C to be it. I would like the rights to that story…

M. DUPLASS: Oh, it’s so beautiful.

SAGAL: Seriously, they are going to leave this show with two much more Tv series ready to go.


J. DUPLASS: I’m leaning heavily towards A, however.

M. DUPLASS: Yeah. And you know what? Just since we’re here and we want folks to know how items truly work amongst us, sometimes we disagree. I am going with C.


SAGAL: Oh, well, not only have you disagreed, now we have to see how you resolve your disagreement because you’ve got to choose one.

M. DUPLASS: Proper now, Jay Duplass is dead.


SAGAL: All correct, truly, I feel what…

M. DUPLASS: It makes sense.

SAGAL: I think what we’re going to do is because you have already won the game, I think we’ll do this. So which of you picked A? Who wanted A?

M. DUPLASS: Jay picks A.

SAGAL: Jay picks A, so that indicates that Mark picks C?


SAGAL: All correct, and in this particular instance, Jay wins. It was a.

M. DUPLASS: He’s dead.


M. DUPLASS: (Unintelligible).

SAGAL: Effectively, not only is he dead but so was this lady. Her name was Josie Anello. And her obituary, as printed in the nearby paper, read in component, quote, “she is survived by her son A.J., who cared for her, and her son Peter, who broke her heart.



JOBRANI: That is great.


J. DUPLASS: Oh, man…

SAGAL: Entirely harsh.

J. DUPLASS: So let’s talk about the rights to C and…


M. DUPLASS: We’ll be wrapping that up shortly.

SAGAL: There you are. Bill, how did the Duplass brothers do on our quiz?

KURTIS: Nicely, we have two contestants, so we’ll have to give them an asterisk. But 3 is a perfect score. So congratulations, brothers…

M. DUPLASS: Thank you

J. DUPLASS: Thank you very considerably.

KURTIS: …You won.

ROCCA: You got two and half, two and a half.


SAGAL: The Duplass brother’s show “Animals” airs on Fridays on HBO and “Togetherness” premiers on Sunday February 21, also on HBO. Jay and Mark Duplass, thank you so a lot for playing with us on WAIT WAIT… Never Tell ME.

J. DUPLASS: Thanks for having us.

M. DUPLASS: Thanks guys.

J. DUPLASS: It was exciting.


THE HOLLIES: (Singing) The road is long with a lot of a winding turn.

SAGAL: In just a minute, it’s been 1 week since we last played limericks. And we have a lot to confess. Contact 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to join us on the air. We’ll be back in a bit with much more of WAIT WAIT… Do not Inform ME from NPR.

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Not My Job: We Quiz Lena Headey On Games Worse Than &#039Game Of Thrones&#039



Lena Headey at the &quot300: Rise Of An Empire&quot Press Conference on March 4, 2014 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Vera Anderson/WireImage

Game of Thrones may possibly have killed off numerous main characters, but the manipulative, scheming Queen Cersei is nonetheless standing. She’s played by Lena Headey, who we’ve invited to play a game known as “You win and you die.”

Because The Game of Thrones does not sound particularly enjoyable to play, we’ll ask 3 questions about even worse games.



And now the game exactly where we invite on people we like and make them answer questions about factors they know nothing at all about. “Game Of Thrones” is the most well-known Tv show on the planet, in spite of obtaining an extremely complex plot and also a habit of killing off major characters. But nonetheless surviving following six seasons is the manipulative, scheming Queen Cersei Lannister. She’s played by the quite nice actress Lena Headey. She joins us now. Lena, welcome to WAIT WAIT… Do not Inform ME.

LENA HEADEY: Thank you.


SAGAL: Now, I know the cliche that you are but an actor. You are not the components that you play, however at the prospect of speaking to you, I was actually terrified. Does this take place to you a lot?

HEADEY: Yeah, it does appear to. Folks do look to think that I am going to be some wicked witch, and then they’re often surprised to locate out I am just a little clumsy nerd.

SAGAL: Actually? Do you enjoy playing somebody who is so pointedly not cheerful and happy?

HEADEY: Yeah, it is cathartic since I guess, you know, it is not socially acceptable to be a full and utter manipulative cow. So I can get it all out…

SAGAL: I guess so. I really feel that both for men and women who haven’t observed “Game Of Thrones,” and I pity them, or for folks who have observed it and can not hold the names straight, could briefly describe who your character is?

HEADEY: She is the energy-hungry mother of 3 kids by her brother, desperate to sit on the throne and run the seven kingdoms.

SAGAL: Right.

HEADEY: And she’s not a really nice girl.

SAGAL: No, she’s not.


SAGAL: And so for six seasons, we’ve essentially observed her manipulate, lie, lure men and women to their deaths and do a variety of unpleasant issues.

HEADEY: Yeah, she’s had a few rough days.

SAGAL: I understand.


SAGAL: Since the individuals on the show, the characters, are so incredibly unpleasant and are constantly undertaking very unpleasant things to every other, I think about your cast parties are, like, blowout entertaining due to the fact you must have to, like, let off all the steam of getting horrible to every single other.

HEADEY: There’s a lot of Olympic drinking, yes.


SAGAL: Now, you have played a lot of extremely – I will – for lack of a greater word – nerdy roles. You have been in the big classic nerdy Greek combat film “300” as the…


SAGAL: …Sexy Queen Gorgo. So the nerds must freak out when they see you on the street.

HEADEY: Yep, I get a bit of nerd really like.

SAGAL: You do?

HEADEY: (Unintelligible).

SAGAL: What is nerd enjoy like?

HEADEY: Loud. And…


SAGAL: Did you – I have to ask you this question – you, like a lot of the actors on “Game Of Thrones, did not read the books, appropriate?


SAGAL: And is that due to the fact you didn’t want to uncover out what happened to your character in yet another medium or they’re just a ridiculous nerd issue and you would by no means go near such a thing?

HEADEY: Both of those issues.



HEADEY: I did attempt. My mother read them all obsessively. And so I get the sort of shortened versions.

SAGAL: So wait a minute, your mother has read all of George R. R. Martin’s novels.

HEADEY: Yeah, she loves to go oh, I know what happens to you next.


SAGAL: I have to ask you, your character, Queen Cersei, was forced by circumstances that are way also intriguing to get into, to walk naked in a stroll of shame, as somebody’s…


SAGAL: …Yelling shame through the entire town. That was a very extended sequence. Now, initial of all, did you really have to do that?

HEADEY: Yes, I was truly there, contrary to common belief, in the location undertaking the complete thing. But I was not naked although.

SAGAL: You had been not naked?

HEADEY: Not my physique.

SAGAL: That was not – truly? Did they do the personal computer thing exactly where they gave you somebody else’s body?

HEADEY: They did, yes.

SAGAL: Did you get to choose whose physique it was?


SAGAL: Due to the fact offered the opportunity, I would actually get pleasure from to have some – my head place on somebody else’s physique.

HEADEY: You’d consider, but I – you know what? I was just like if somebody is brave enough to do this with me, then I never care what they appear like.

SAGAL: Correct.

HEADEY: I actually do not.

SAGAL: There was 1 guy in that sequence who leaps out and exposes himself to your character. And all I could believe of with that guy was like hey everybody, I got a portion in “Game Of Thrones.”


SAGAL: It is going to make me.

HEADEY: I know due to the fact, you know, we all sat around for, like, three days sort of tag-teaming on and off that set. And he was there we have been sort of possessing coffee. And I was like so, what are you – what are you doing? He was like oh, I am flashing my willy at you.


SAGAL: So what’s fascinating is for individuals that might not know, the series is based on this extremely lengthy complicated series of books. But last season, season six, they caught up with the finish of the books. So nobody knows what’s taking place subsequent except you, Lena Headey…


SAGAL: …Due to the fact the production has been completed, proper? It is going to be broadcast in a couple of months. So what are the secrecy rules? I imply, what do they inform you about what you can and cannot say?

HEADEY: I can’t inform you a factor.

SAGAL: You can not inform me a thing.


SAGAL: If you were to tell me one thing, what would happen to you?

HEADEY: It is far more what would occur to you.


HELEN HONG: Somebody would jump out and flash their willy at you for positive.

SAGAL: Oh, no.


SAGAL: Lena Headey, we have asked you hear to play a game we’re calling…

BILL KURTIS: You Win And You Die.


SAGAL: So the “Game Of Thrones” in the show you star in is not especially exciting to play…


SAGAL: …Ask Ned Stark. So we thought we’d ask you about three even worse games. Answer two of them appropriately, you are going to win our prize for 1 of our listeners – Carl Kassel’s voice on their voicemail. Bill, who is actress Lena Headey playing for?

HEADEY: Chris Shields of Beaverton, Ore.

SAGAL: All proper, you ready to play, Lena?

HEADEY: Yes, I’m ready.

SAGAL: All proper, now, which of these is a genuine board game that you could go out, purchase and play with your family members today if you wanted to? Is it A, Swedish Parliament in which you and your buddies recreate the Swedish national elections around your dining room table, B, “Family Time” in which you play a member of a household attempting to make a decision some thing to do that will hold you from fighting tonight or C, Mule in which you attempt to smuggle as many drugs across the border utilizing your personal physique cavities as possible.



HEADEY: God, one particular of them sounds more fascinating, but I’m going to go for the second 1, the family point – the non-fighting.

SAGAL: So a game referred to as Family Time…


SAGAL: …In which you and your family gather about and play the roles of a family members attempting to determine to figure out what to do…


SAGAL: …Of an evening. So that’s your option, you are going to go for Family Time?

HEADEY: I am, yes.

SAGAL: All correct. I am afraid it was Swedish Parliament. That is an actual game that you can purchase. It was listed as one of the ten-worst board games ever made by a British newspaper, The Guardian. And then they published an apology because all these fans of “Swedish Parliament” wrote in and said, you know, it really is actually really interesting.


SAGAL: All right, in 2013, a designer created a new iPhone game that speedily got banned from the App Shop. Was it which of these – A, Send Me To Heaven, which challenges you to throw your telephone as high as you can into the air…


SAGAL: …B, Massive Jerk – the object of that game is to stroll by as several folks as you can even though staring at your telephone or C, Drug Mule which is an iPhone version of the board game I mentioned in the earlier question.


HEADEY: I – I am going to go for the second one.

SAGAL: You are going to go for Massive Jerk?

HEADEY: (Laughter).

SAGAL: You’re going to go for that?

HEADEY: I really feel very strong in my answer.

SAGAL: I – I – no. No, I am afraid the game was Send – (laughter) – the game was Send Me To Heaven. And it was invented by a guy who just wanted to see how several folks he could trick into wrecking their iPhones by hurling them as higher as they could into the air.


SAGAL: And really, the comments on the game in, like, the app shop have been I broke my phone.


SAGAL: All proper, let’s see if you can get one proper. The 1960s were a golden age of board games. One particular of the less-effective games from that era is which of these – A, Digestion Monopoly, which is like normal monopoly except right after you select your piece you swallow it.


SAGAL: Whoever gets their’s back 1st wins.


SAGAL: B – B, I say, Connect Two or C, a board game named Big Funeral. You play by planning a funeral.

HEADEY: Oh, I never want to get it incorrect. But I know, I am going to say the funeral game.

SAGAL: The funeral game – you are right, it is in reality the funeral game…


SAGAL: …Massive Funeral. Bill, how did Lena Headey do on our quiz?

KURTIS: Lena got one particular right out 3. And, you know, Lena, that’s genuinely very good.


SAGAL: I see you’ve also watched the show. Hedge your bets, Bill.

KURTIS: I don’t want on her bad side.

SAGAL: Hedge your bets with this woman. Lena Headey stars in “Pride And Prejudice And Zombies,” based on the original draft of the Austen novel. It is in theaters now, and you can see her in the new season of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones.” That premieres in April. I am lining up in front of my tv now. Lena Headey, thank you so much for joining us.

HEADEY: Thank you, guys.

SAGAL: Thank you, Lena.


QUEEN: (Singing) She’s a killer queen. Gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam. Assured to blow your thoughts…

SAGAL: In just a minute, Bill says words, some of which rhyme. It’s our Listener Limerick Challenge. Get in touch with 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to join us on the air. We’ll be back in a minute with far more WAIT WAIT… Never Tell ME from NPR.

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How Well Do You Remember The Movie ‘Clue’? Take Our Quiz

Thirty years ago these days (Dec. 13), the initial film based on a board game premiered. “Clue,” although initially a total flop in the eyes of the critics and masses, identified a new life when it became a cult sensation years later. Now, individuals are reciting lines moments following you ask them, “Have you noticed the film ’Clue’?”

To celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary, we produced a quiz to see just how considerably you keep in mind from the ’80s whodunit comedy. Hopefully you will not get tripped up, but if you do, keep in mind that __________ was just a red herring.

I’m nonetheless upset I wasn’t a contestant on Figure It Out in the ’90s.