Vince Staples Practically Gets Run Over, Like, 50 Times In GTA’s New Video

Fresh off releasing his stellar EP Prima Donna, Vince Staples has teamed up with Miami DJ duo GTA for the fresh, kinetic collab “Little Bit of This.”

The track’s music video dropped right now (September 15), and I’m imagining the initial pitch meeting for it went anything like this: “How about we abandon Vince Staples in the middle of nowhere and have a bunch of old vehicles furiously zoom about him so fans will completely fear for his life and wellbeing???”

Indeed, poor Vince is smack in the middle of the action, searching admirably calm although at least a dozen black BMWs kick up dust and rip donuts about him. But no matter — the Extended Beach rapper is also busy spitting rapid-fire verses to notice. It is chaotic, confident, but at least it is controlled chaos.

“A Tiny Bit of This” seems on GTA’s debut album, Great Occasions Ahead, which arrives October 7 and also features Tinashe and Tunji Ige.


Tom Hardy Gets Gritty And (Practically) Naked In First ‘Taboo’ Trailer

This weekend, Tom Hardy will vie for an Oscar for his function as the morally bankrupt fur trapper/murderer John Fitzgerald in The Revenant. It’s exactly the kind of role Hardy excels at: a brooding menace who always seems to be one particular step ahead of his enemies.

Unsurprisingly, Hardy’s character in the upcoming FX mini-series Taboo looks equally as harmful. Set in 1814, the story follows James Keziah Delaney (Hardy), a shipping heir who “has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed,” according to a synopsis from Variety. He returns to London to take more than his not too long ago deceased father’s organization, only to find that his pops was apparently in cahoots with some shady AF characters.

In the very first official trailer, we get a glimpse at the ensuing drama, which involves a lot of intense threats, a pig’s head on a stick, Hardy roaming the woods in a skimpy loincloth, and his chilling delivery of the line “I am a really dangerous man to know.” DAMN, MAN.

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Taboo is executive developed by Hardy, Ridley Scott, and Stephen Knight, and is primarily based on an original notion by Hardy and his father, Chips Hardy. The eight-episode series is anticipated to premiere in 2017.

16 Instances Taylor Swift’s Posture Was Practically Inhuman

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Taylor Swift has a lot of factors that folks can be envious of — cash, fame, talent, weight in the industry, the potential to put on red lipstick with out searching like a doofus, etc. But among these factors are fantastic posture, which I 1st noticed on 1989’s release day way back in 2014.

It was Oct. 27, and the ~iconic~ album had filled our pre-orders eight hours prior to. Taylor was on “Good Morning America,” sporting a peter pan collar, a shinily coiffed bob and neat black pumps, her legs crossed as she abruptly smashed a fly between her hands. Do you bear in mind this?

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Her posture in the course of every interview in the 1989 era looked as such — apart from the fly incident — legs gently crossed, back straighter than adult Forrest Gump and her lips in a ideal purse.

Say goodbye to this TS:

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank by way of Getty Images

Now appear at her! She’s got the poise of a wax figure!

Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images

If you think I’m becoming ridiculous, you’re most likely correct. But I’m not the only one that has taken notice of Taylor’s posture just before. Fans appear quite divided about it on Twitter:

Just a quick disclaimer ahead of we commence: I’ve usually believed the over-analyzation of women’s appearances was distasteful and sexist, but this is not that. Swift keeps a cautious eye on her image, and this is just one of the methods she guards her graceful composure.

Yeah, she constantly lets loose (it wouldn’t be an award show without an awkward Taylor dance), but you gotta admit, Swift really can pull it collectively. She can go 100 to actual quick.

  1. She’s a human statue.

  2. An IRL figurine.

  3. It’s like she practices with a bucket of water on her head.

  4. Look at the way she handles awards.

  5. Seriously, her hand is like a robot extension.

  6. She has hands to delicately deal with any accolade.

  7. During interviews, she’s always sitting up straight.

  8. *Areas hands comfortably in lap*

  9. Really amazing.

  10. At awards shows? Poised AF.

  11. Even for the duration of basketball games, chatting it up with Ben Stiller, she is poised.

How can 1 be so poised? Illuminati?