Wonder Why Much more Girls Do not Use Female Condoms? This Is Possibly Why

They’re much more successful at stopping pregnancy and HIV transmission than male condoms, yet, walk into most convenience retailers and you won’t see female condoms behind the counter. Why is that?

BuzzFeed asked six women to attempt female condoms for the first time, and well … there appears to be a good cause.

“It was … exciting, and by that I mean awful and traumatizing,” a single of the participants states of her encounter. All of the females discover the application of the condom foreign and unenjoyable, with a single saying it felt like a trash bag and another citing bags of the Ziploc range. 😕

A couple of ladies actually field tested the condom with their boyfriends and each of them disliked the expertise, too.

Watch the full video below.

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Just before you resolve by no means to give them a possibility, know this: Companies like Path are trying to redesign the clunky UI of the female condom to stop this unanimous dislike of them by new customers, and it seems they’re creating progress.

A new design and style includes a a lot more pleasing shape and is produced of non-latex material that warms with the physique — though their style hasn’t been manufactured however — so for now, males and women everywhere will have to contend with these.

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1 Meme To Rule Them All — And Possibly Get A Man Tossed In Prison?



Left: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate change, in France on Monday. Right: Gollum in the 2012 film Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Left: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate alter, in France on Monday. Proper: Gollum in the 2012 film Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Photos and New Line Cinema/The Kobal Collection hide caption

toggle caption Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Photos and New Line Cinema/The Kobal Collection

A man in Turkey is on trial for making a meme that compares the character Gollum to Turkey’s president. Michael Drough, a Lord of the Rings scholar, talks about no matter whether Gollum is a true villain.



Bilgin Ciftci, who is a doctor in Turkey, has been fired from his government job and faces up to two years in jail. Why? He posted a meme – side-by-side photos comparing Turkey’s President Erdogan to the character Gollum from “Lord Of The Rings,” Gollum, that little, slimy creature who lives on raw, blind fish and is obsessed with putting his knobby hands on the 1 ring to rule them all.


ANDY SERKIS: (As Gollum) Yes, valuable.

SIMON: But the case against Bilgin Ciftci will take time. Gollum is not as nicely-recognized in Turkey as he is in, say, most American middle schools. The judge overseeing the case has postponed it until February to give a group of professionals time to answer the query, how evil is Gollum? What would you say? Michael Drout is a professor of English at Wheaton College in Massachusetts and a extensively published Tolkien scholar. He insists…

MICHAEL DROUT: Gollum is not meant to be a pure evil character ever. That wasn’t Tolkien’s intent. And that’s not how he comes out.

SIMON: Professor Drout says he sees one particular argument that may spare the physician jail time. The ring with which Gollum is infatuated that offers its bearer the power of globe domination, Gollum is the character who destroys it.

DROUT: You know, I’m attempting to put my greatest lawyer spin on this, appropriate, is that what the comparison to Gollum is actually saying is that from the outside, the president looks evil and grasping and just searching for power on his personal. But in the grand scheme of things, he, in truth, will be the one to save us all from domination of an evil power.

SIMON: Or Bilgin Ciftci could just say that he thought Gollum was Leonardo DiCaprio and President Erdogan ought to be flattered.

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