Can You Guess Even Far more Disney Channel Original Motion pictures From Emojis? [QUIZ]

The 100th Disney Channel Original Movie (!!!) will premiere later this year, and what much better way to celebrate all factors DCOM by taking an additional emoji-themed quiz?

Final year, you aced our first DCOM emoji quiz with flying colors… or, possibly not (whatever, we do not judge). Now we’re back with fifteen new movies that’ve been emojified. You’ll require all of the Luck of the Irish to master this 1, though.

I am still upset I wasn’t a contestant on ‘Figure It Out’ in the ’90s.



The Heat, The Stress, The Violence: Cooking Films Are The New Boxing Motion pictures



When you go to boxing motion pictures, you can count on instruction montages, high-stakes dramatic moments, and the way a scrappy outsider often seems to have to prove him or herself in the ring. A lot of of these traits are showing up in a new group of movies — this time about chefs.

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