Pick A Side In Our Movie Awards Ideal Fight Throwdown

As we anxiously await to discover out which duo will take residence the golden popcorn for Ideal Fight at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, our brains naturally wandered to the question, “who would win in one particular giant Greatest Fight Throwdown?” So, we pitted past winners and nominees against each and every other and are letting YOU determine.

Will Smith (Men In Black) vs. Yoda (Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones)

Will Smith’s got expertise battling extraterrestrial creatures in Guys In Black as Agent J, but Yoda’s got The Force behind him. This is gonna be a hard call.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) vs. Zac Efron and Seth Rogan (Neighbors)

How will the survival expertise of Katniss and Peeta stand up to the pranks of Zac and Seth?

Will Poulter (The Maze Runner) vs. Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street)

This Glader is used to operating in mazes. Think he can outrun this cop?

Harry Potter vs. The Avengers

It’s wizard against superhero in our final and toughest battle. Harry’s got the magic that can defeat He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named, but can he avada kedavra the competition?

Mountain Dew

Two a lot more champions have been selected from the Mountain Dew vault, and it is up to you to choose which one particular reigns supreme. Choose a side and get into the action at DEWcision.com today.


So What Are The MTV Movie Awards Generation Winners Up To Now?

The MTV Movie Awards started providing out Generation Awards in 2005, and considering that then, 11 completely unknown, entirely non-renowned actors and actresses have received the added-unique golden popcorn.

This year, Will Smith will receive the coveted honor. But very first, let’s see where all the past winners are now. Are they still functioning in the entertainment sector? Almost certainly not.

  • Following winning the Generation Award, no one’s sure what Cruise’s been up to, specifically. He seems to have disappeared into oblivion, but he could often pop proper back up on the edge of tomorrow. Final I heard, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand caught him listening to classic rock songs for the ages, such as “Paradise City” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

  • All right, we need to talk about the Horton elephant in the room. Carrey has entirely fallen off the face of the Earth. Some media internet sites say he was just also dumb and dumber to survive the cutthroat sector, usually becoming a yes man and by no means putting his foot down and kicking ass. Apparently, he was final noticed chilling with penguins, but you in no way know with rumors.

  • Guys, I’m scared shrekless here. Exactly where is Mike Myers? Has anyone seen him since he vamoosed right after the 2007 MTV Film Awards? Some of his “friends” in the organization have named him an inglourious basterd, but that seems fairly harsh to me. Jessica Alba mentioned in an interview eight years ago that Myers had retired from the enterprise and began freelancing as a love guru or something.

  • Sandler really requirements to act like a grown up. After his win in ’08, he got into difficulty with pals Jack and Jill, a zookeeper, and even some funny men and women. Pretty certain his motto is, “Just go with it,” even even though things generally backfire for him.

  • Holy fockers! Stiller was involved in a tower heist in ’11 and had to create a secret life to avoid detection. His final identified location was Rome, hanging with Justin Bieber.

  • Ah, Sandy B. She flew to outer space in ’13 and was never noticed or heard from again. Tragic.

  • Following winning her award, Witherspoon decided to leave the biz and hike the Pacific Crest Trail on some wild adventure of sorts. Particulars are sketchy.

  • TBH, Depp was killed by a burned man/monster in ’84, so I have zero notion how he managed to accept the Generation Award in ’12. Your guess is as very good as mine as to where he is now. It’s like he’s an invisible man or some thing.

  • Soon after dealing with more horrible bosses, a man who thinks he’s a spider, and some small girl named Annie, the past two years have been fairly the adventure for Foxx. He’s been so busy, I’m certain he’s had a sleepless night or two.

  • Considering that ’14, Wahlberg’s been hanging with his entourage and Ted, also. Not sure what upcoming projects he has, but hopefully they’ll be transformative.

  • Who TF even is Robert Downey Jr.? Never heard of him. It is a shame he hasn’t gotten any huge movie franchise offers lately.

I am still upset I wasn’t a contestant on ‘Figure It Out’ in the ’90s.



The Danish Girl — film overview: ‘A dire movie’

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander in 'The Danish Girl'

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander in ‘The Danish Girl’

Eddie Redmayne works so tough in The Danish Girl, as the painter and
pioneer sex-adjust patient Einar Wegener, who became renowned as “Lili Elbe”, that you want to sit him down, wave a towel and spray water in his mouth. It’s acting as histrionic slugging: except that Redmayne must be counter-macho for ten rounds, not punching but preening and simpering. That’s how you win trophies — or feel you win trophies — in gender reassignment roles.

It is a dire movie. Via the distorting glass of David Ebershoff’s semi-fictionalised book about Einar/Lili (which inter alia airbrushes out wife Gerda’s lesbianism), screenwriter Lucinda Coxon and director Tom Hooper generate a period drama that is all period and no drama. 1920s Denmark is a Vienna Secession-style delirium: art nouveau by the tonne, Klimt-like dresses and poses. And dialogue like mottos written about a painting’s frame or gilded speech balloons. “This surgery has never ever been attempted before,” declares, for the hard of hearing or apprehending, the surgeon professor. And “I want my husband!” emotes Alicia Vikander’s Gerda earlier, as Redmayne-Einar begins morphing into Redmayne-Lili.

Some commentators have attacked the film for casting a “cis” actor (a single comfy with his personal gender) in a “trans” function. That appears the least of The Danish Girl’s offences or failings. It is like criticising a white actor’s assumption of Othello in a Shakespeare production falling apart wherever you appear.

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How Well Do You Remember The Movie ‘Clue’? Take Our Quiz

Thirty years ago these days (Dec. 13), the initial film based on a board game premiered. “Clue,” although initially a total flop in the eyes of the critics and masses, identified a new life when it became a cult sensation years later. Now, individuals are reciting lines moments following you ask them, “Have you noticed the film ’Clue’?”

To celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary, we produced a quiz to see just how considerably you keep in mind from the ’80s whodunit comedy. Hopefully you will not get tripped up, but if you do, keep in mind that __________ was just a red herring.

I’m nonetheless upset I wasn’t a contestant on Figure It Out in the ’90s.