Watch Justin Bieber Casually Infiltrate These Lyft Passengers’ Rides

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Justin Bieber could have gifted us two new tracks from his upcoming album on Monday (Nov. 9), but he’s now taking his Goal promo to the streets — literally. For JB fans who want to dive into the entire LP prior to its official release on Friday, there’s now a simple, functional answer: order a Lyft and slide into Bieber Mode.

The ride share firm has partnered with JB to market Goal, supplying it at a steep discount to riders who unlock “Bieber Mode” in its app. The promotion begins at 9 p.m. PST on Nov. 9 and lasts till 11:59 PST on Nov. 19. In the course of that time, passengers who spend at least 5 dollars on a ride although in Bieber Mode will be capable to download Purpose for one more 5 dollars (which is a steal, contemplating the album’s $ 12.99 on iTunes). Bieber Mode riders will also receive a five dollar credit for a future, probably significantly less Bieber-centric Lyft ride.

For fans who want a tiny a lot more bang for their buck, although, JB’s taking it one particular step further: he’s decided to surprise some Lyft passengers around the nation by casually hijacking their rides and beginning in-car dance parties with them. Yep, for genuine.

To sneak a peek at what specifically that entails, check out this promotional video, in the course of which he jams out to “Sorry” and provides unsuspecting passengers a Lyft of a lifetime.

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Yep, cannot think of anyone who WOULDN’T want this dude riding shotgun with them.