Duet Partners: Erykah Badu Just Joined Forces With This Scream Queens Star

We just had a baduizm. For actual although.

In the sneak peek of Thursday’s Wild ‘N Out, below, neo-soul queen Erykah Badu plays a game of R&ampBeef — and even although she’s performing a mock version of her hit “Tyrone,” we nevertheless got a case of the feels.

Certain, the new lyrics are LOL funny, but you won’t be giggling when you hear her reach notes that rival Mariah. The icing on the case: singer/actress/Scream Queens star Keke Palmer, who joins the entertaining and adds some dulcet tones of her personal.

Watch the clip to hear Erykah and Keke bring the house down, then be confident to catch Wild ‘N Out Thursday at 10/9c!


Frank Ocean Just Dropped A Visual Album Named Endless

It could be time to verify if pigs can fly.

You read that headline right. No, this is not a dream. Yes, Frank Ocean released his new album.

The project is his very first because 2012’s Def Jam debut, channel orange, and comes right after relentless speculation, several rumored release dates come and gone — and all the hype to match.

It started just months following channel orange came out, when Frank mentioned he was almost a dozen songs into his comply with up. In April 2013, he told MTV News that he had been listening to “a lot of Beach Boys and Beatles” for inspiration. The next April, he stated he may skip Coachella to finish the album. The next April, he officially announced a record named Boys Do not Cry, pegging it to a July 2015 release date. That never occurred, and then last month, he hinted it would be out by the finish of July. Which also didn’t come about.

But all of these anticipation-constructing moments (and they’re just a handful of of the many) looked like they’d finally come to an finish when the singer launched a mysterious livestream on his internet site. The New York Times reported that the album would be released, by way of Apple Music, on August five, generating an even larger tidal wave of excitement. Then the stream went dark for two weeks, only to commence back up late Thursday (August 18) evening by playing some new music even though Frank constructed a staircase.

Now, after all of that, Frank has lastly dropped a visual album referred to as Endless, comprising clips from the livestream that’s been on his website more than the previous handful of weeks as effectively as new footage. According to Rolling Stone, Boys Do not Cry is a separate project that will be released later this weekend — so there’s nevertheless more Frank to come.

You’ve been rewarded for your patience. Head to Apple Music to stream the album at last.


Zendaya Says Her Spider-Man: Homecoming Character Is ‘Super Dry And Awkward’ — Just Like Her

Zendaya tells MTV News why Spider-Man has often been her favorite superhero. (Hint: It may have one thing to do with her initial date.)

Peter Parker 3. (Tom Holland) took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday to debut a first look at Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel Studios and Sony’s upcoming Spidey film. Joining Holland on stage have been teenage Peter’s high school friends and enemies, played by Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, and Tony Revolori. The film will follow Peter as he starts to balance his newfound, net-slinging superhero identity with being a 15-year-old kid.

According to Zendaya, that’s precisely what makes Spider-Man her favourite superhero. “Spider-Man has always been my favored… due to the fact he’s usually been the realest and the coolest,” Zendaya told MTV News’s Josh Horowitz following the Marvel presentation. “He’s a actual kid. He’s typical, and he’s living his life and trying to discover and recognize what it’s like to be a human becoming increasing up — although simultaneously saving the globe.”

Of course Zendaya’s connection to Spidey goes even deeper than that. “My first date I ever went on was to Spider-Man,” she mentioned, presumably referring to the Andrew Garfield starrer, The Remarkable Spider-Man. “It’s particular. I went when I just turned 16, lastly was allowed to date. It was my 1st date, and it was to see Spider-Man. So full circle!”

The Homecoming footage shown at Comic-Con has yet to be released, but these who were in attendance have described it as John Hughes meets Freaks and Geeks. Zendaya’s character in distinct appears to be channeling Linda Cardellini’s Lindsay Weir as Peter’s friend who may possibly or may possibly not be crushing on him.

“Absolutely everyone, honestly, is so significantly like their characters,” Zendaya said. “My character is super dry and awkward. It is fantastic because it’s who I am in actual life, so I do not really feel like I have to act also much.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.


For Ellie Kemper, Kimmy Schmidt Is Just Her Most recent &#039Weirdo&#039 Function

Ellie Kemper plays a woman who was abducted and forced to spend 15 years living in an underground bunker before being rescued in the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kemper is also known for her role as Erin, the cheerful receptionist on the NBC series The Office.

Ellie Kemper plays a woman who was abducted and forced to devote 15 years living in an underground bunker before being rescued in the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kemper is also identified for her role as Erin, the cheerful receptionist on the NBC series The Office. Eric Liebowitz/Netflix/Netflix hide caption

toggle caption Eric Liebowitz/Netflix/Netflix

It really is not each and every day that an actress has a tv show written especially for her, but that is precisely what happened with Ellie Kemper and the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

“I nevertheless am not confident what in my face screams ‘bunker-cult victim’ to [show creators Robert Carlock and Tina Fey], but one thing did, so they went with that,” Kemper jokes to Fresh Air‘s Ann Marie Baldonado.

On the Netflix series, Kemper plays a lady who was kidnapped by an apocalyptic Christian cult leader and was rescued soon after living for 15 years in an underground bunker. Now free of charge and forging a new life in New York City, Kimmy has to make up for lost time. She gets a job and tries to uncover really like and earn her GED — all with a defiant optimism that belies the darkness of her previous.

Creating a comedy about such a significant subject can be tricky, but Kemper says the series tries to concentrate on Kimmy’s future rather than her past: “It’s a story about moving forward and … survival,” she says. “I was never ever worried about the tone or how it would be executed simply because Robert [Carlock] and Tina [Fey] had been at the helm. … I believe if any person can pull one thing off like that it’s those two.”

Interview Highlights

On delivering jokes in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It’s so funny since we get these lines that generally they are presented on the most lovely platter to you you just have to say them. You never have to dress them up in something, and a lot of the time Tituss [Burgess] and I or Carol [Kane] and I will say, “I do not get this joke,” and I’ve Googled jokes ahead of, that I do not get, and even Google sometimes does not have the answer for me.

On how she relates to Kimmy, who missed out on her teen years in the bunker

I don’t discover it so far removed from my actual self, the idea of not understanding present references or factors that have transpired in the previous 15 years.

Whilst I certainly did not undergo something as traumatic as Kimmy did, I weirdly did not watch a ton of tv or movies when I was developing up, and I do not discover it so far removed from my actual self, the idea of not understanding current references or factors that have transpired in the past 15 years. Due to the fact, for instance, I am not on social media. I am not even proficient at technology, so I find a lot of the factors that Kimmy says to be upsettingly close to what I actually in actual life experience.

My husband — he’s a comedy writer, and he’s continuously stunned by what I don’t know, what I missed out on. He’s like, “What have been you carrying out in the course of your teen years?” And I usually say, “I was hanging out with pals! Because I was nicely adjusted.”

But anyway, in terms of playing Kimmy’s naive side, there is usually a danger of that being grating or obnoxious for folks to watch, so I believe it really is just a balance of she is so sincere in her lack of information, I guess, and she’s so determined to catch up on it, I think that playing it very sincerely helps to alleviate the danger of appearing grating or obnoxious in the reality that she doesn’t know a lot of stuff.

On auditioning for Parks and Rec and landing a role of Erin on The Workplace

I had met with [Parks and Recreation creators] Greg Daniels and Mike Schur, who ran the ship at The Office, the American version of The Workplace, and a couple months later they known as me in to read a part with the casting director Allison Jones, but then my manager known as me a month later to let me know I hadn’t gotten [the part of Aziz Ansari’s character’s wife on Parks and Rec]. …

Then, I feel, in the following February, they named me in for this 4-episode arc for a short-term receptionist who was filling in when Pam went to the Michael Scott Paper Co. [on The Office]. So they named me in to audition and I read with Ed Helms [of The Office]. … [Erin, the character] was a lot more severe and a little bit a lot more sarcastic, I feel, at the beginning, and then I worry that as the writers got to know me, they sort of made Erin weirder, so that’s sort of how she morphed into the weirdo rube that she became.

On how her improv teacher in higher school was actor Jon Hamm, who plays the cult leader on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

He taught improv and I feel sorry for him because I talk about him all the time. He’s possibly like, “Cease mentioning my name!” No, he would never say that because he’s the kindest man that there is. He attended my college, my higher school, John Burroughs, and then went to college and came back following college and taught theater at our higher school for a year, so I was a freshman taking a ninth grade … Introduction to Theater course, and he taught the improv portion of that class. …

He is a excellent person. Absolutely everyone in St. Louis adores him, and I’ve known as him the Prince of St. Louis, and rightfully so, and everyone there wants to claim responsibility and ownership of him. …

It was so crazy when we began seeing his face on buses and billboards as Don Draper [in Mad Men], which was just like, “Wait a minute, that’s Mr. Hamm? He’s this arresting matinee idol.” … It was so cool to see that. By the way, I have to inform you, that I came out to Los Angeles to put on this 1-person show I had been staging, trying to get an agent and a job, and I was in Los Angeles doing it and this was, like, the first season that he was on Mad Men, and I emailed him just to see if he may remember me and if he would come help me at my show, and he wrote appropriate back and he was front row in that show, wearing his St. Louis Blues hat. … I will say, he sort of stole the spotlight a small bit, absolutely everyone was like, “Jon Hamm is here,” but that was fine with me.

Arts &amp Life : NPR

Tig Notaro On Her Terrible Year In &#039I&#039m Just A Particular person&#039

I'm Just A Person

In 2012, Tig Notaro walked onto the stage at LA’s Largo Theater and said this: “Good evening hello, I have cancer, how are you? Hi, how are you? Is everyone obtaining a excellent time? I have cancer. How are you?”

Notaro was in the middle of 1 of the worst years of her life, dealing with critical illness, a breakup and the death of her mother.

And it should not have been funny, except that evening, it was. Tragically, heartbreakingly funny. It was the beginning of a riff that hasn’t stopped. And Notaro — as you can inform — did not die. She’s in remission, lately married and the author of a new memoir, I am Just A Particular person.

“Of course I was scared,” she tells NPR’s Kelly McEvers, “but it genuinely did attain a breaking point, and right just before I went on stage was — I don’t prepare as well considerably just before my shows, typically just before, when I’m showering is really when I’m pondering things via, and that is when I came up with that line … I believed it was the funniest line.”

Interview Highlights

On producing individuals laugh about what they worry

That show … I wasn’t trying to truly do something for the audience. I consider it was far more for myself, and I genuinely feel like, hunting back now, that I was probably asking for assist on some level. You know? I truly was astounded by how many folks had been touched and lifted by the efficiency. That was such a relief following placing that vulnerable set out there.

On her mother’s comfort with discomfort

She was extremely shocking. 1 of the examples I always use to give men and women an thought of who she was — she had been in a actually poor car accident years ago and broke every bone in her body, and was in a coma. And they had used these long, thin screws to straighten out her toes. And following she had the screws removed, she asked the physician if she could have them, and she used them for olives, to place in martinis. And so when she would have parties, folks would say, “Oh, Susie, this is so cool, what made you believe to use these screws?” And she stated, “Oh yeah, these had been in my toes following the accident.” … I’m a mellow version. She was extremely wild and funny.

On receiving married in her Mississippi hometown

We got married on the beach, and it was truly so touching to be walking via the neighborhood to my cousin’s house where the reception was, and having locals run out and cheer us on, saying, “This is so fantastic!” … All the regional establishments prepared food, and they were so beneficial, and there are just so numerous artistic, beautiful, talented, open-minded loving men and women that I hate the believed of them receiving grouped in to the others.

On whether or not happiness is the enemy of art

No, I consider it really is silly. Folks really like to make comedians out to be miserable, dark, twisted individuals. And I feel a lot of individuals struggle with depression and mental illness, and have troubles and difficulties with their family. The mailman has it, your neighbor has it, it’s just that comedians have a microphone. For me, I never connect with getting this dark particular person. I certainly have had dark moments, but I don’t want to be the anything comedian — whatever you want to call me, it really is your organization. But it really is not a selection I produced up in my head.

Arts &amp Life : NPR

Receiving Lost Just Got A Lot More Exciting Thanks To T-Pain

Living in New York City, I practically by no means drive. Since I almost never drive, I do not usually know exactly where I’m going when I do. Since I do not generally know where I’m going, I want someone or anything to tell me. Simply because occasionally we deserve nice items, that someone can now be T-Pain if that some thing is Waze.

The navigation service and the singer announced on Thursday that there’s a new setting in the app that permits you to decide on T-Pain as the voice directing you to make that left in 200 feet. Adhere to these steps to have T-Discomfort join your next commute: Menu → Settings → Sound → Voice Language → T-Pain.

From now on, when you miss a turn and get re-rerouted, there’s practically nothing to be upset about, because who can get mad at T-Discomfort?

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Ariana Grande Just Dropped Her Second Fragrance — You And Your Brother Can Wear It

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Surprise! Ariana Grande lowkey released her second fragrance last weekend. The great news is that you don’t have to deal with the weeks of anticipation like you did with her final 1, Ari. The even much better news is that this one is gender inclusive.

The restricted edition scent — Frankie, named following Ariana’s older brother — is meant to be worn by both guys and women. The cubic bottle comes in two colors, a metallic silver and pink, though neither are made for one particular particular gender.

Frankie isn’t the initial unisex fragrance to hit the market. Calvin Klein’s CK 1 dates all the way back to 1994, and because then, designers like Tom Ford have followed suit. Still, getting an individual like Ari release her own genderless fragrance promotes the idea of equality in a new way to a new generation. And the truth that it smells very good doesn’t hurt either.


We Just Re-Watched The ‘Hannah Montana’ Finale and We’re Ugly Crying All More than Again

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If we’re getting entirely sincere, the finale of “Hannah Montana” was most likely the genuine beginning of Miley Cyrus’ career. By the fourth season, Miley had clearly moved beyond the blonde wig, and she was ready to burst onto the scene as a serious musician. But that does not imply that fans were ready to let “Hannah” go just yet, so when the series aired its last episode five years ago these days (!!!), there had been some fairly critical expectations.

Luckily, the writers knew specifically what they were carrying out going into the finale. Rather than saving Miley’s reveal that she was Hannah to the globe for the final episode, they decided to drop that bomb a few episodes earlier and use their finale to concentrate on the actually important piece of the show: friendship.

Disney Channel

Proper from the pilot, Miley and Lilly’s friendship was the backbone of the series. When Lilly discovered out Miley’s secret, it was place to the ultimate test, and, of course, in super adorable style, the two passed, making their partnership stronger than ever.

Disney Channel

Throughout the show, Lilly (and, sooner or later Oliver) served as Miley’s rock, even when living a double life as Hannah got really, truly hard. They had been usually there for each and every other, and seeing this model of BFFship was a lot more fun to watch than even Hannah’s craziest performances.

So, going into the finale, when Miley started thinking about breaking her guarantee to go to Stanford with Lilly so she could film a film to Paris with Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg (which like, okay, sounds quite cool), fans have been devastated. Like, actual tears, ugly crying devastated.

Disney Channel

But then, Lilly decided that she would come to Paris with Miley, and it felt like everything was going to be A-okay again. Of course, though, it can’t be that straightforward, and Lilly at some point realized that she couldn’t give up her dream of going to college just to follow Miley. Suddenly, it seemed like our favorite pair would be split up once again. Break out the tissues.

In the finish, though, friendship triumphed, and Miley showed up at her and Lilly’s dorm area in a single of the most aww-inspiring moments Disney Channel has ever created, teaching us all that, if you’ve got fantastic buddies, you do not want anything else.

Disney Channel

Other friendships also popped up throughout the finale, with Rico and Jackson admitting that they’ve secretly been BFFs this whole time (which we all currently knew, since duh) and even Miley and Jackson acknowledging how much they really love each other. Basically, the finale was all about happiness and the relationships that make life worth it.

So it all ended with even far more tears, just this time, satisfied tears.

Disney Channel

We nevertheless miss you, “Hannah Montana”! Thanks for all the feels.