Here’s How To Make Sure You Do not Miss 2016’s First Meteor Shower

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You know what’s beautiful? Space debris left behind by an extinct comet bursting into flame as it enters Earth’s atmosphere, shuttling previous our fragile planet as a field of dust and rock. Space is gorgeous and terrifying.

The Quadrantid meteor shower’s brief but dazzling display will be 2016’s first celestial light show and it’ll be a excellent one. The comet whose demise is dusting the sky with debris was final noticed in Southeast Asia in 1491, according to the New York Times. So watching the meteor shower is virtually time travel.

The greatest time to check out the lights will be amongst 3 a.m. and dawn early Monday morning, according to You’re going to want to get to the darkest location you can to genuinely see the flash, even though. Remain away from city lights and don’t worry too much about the moonlight mucking up your view — it is going to be a sliver of a crescent tonight.

The show should be visible by means of most of the Northern Hemisphere, but your view will be ideal if you are in Alaska or Hawaii, making this the best excuse to get a super-last-minute plane ticket to Honolulu. (Sorry, Alaska, it’s just way as well cold proper now.) Keep your eyes on the Massive Dipper and you ought to see the meteors radiating out of a spot just near the constellation. The meteor shower will have a peak of just a couple of hours, whereas most shower peak over a few days, but the fireballs will be larger and brighter than most.

But let’s face it: Waking up at 3 a.m. sucks, no matter what sort of lovely celestial phenomenon is occurring. So do not fret. You may possibly miss the huge show tonight, but according to, shooting stars could be visible for the next couple days.


Here’s Why Rihanna Has Zero Interest In Joining Taylor Swift’s Squad

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Prior to you get also excited, there’s no undesirable blood … or at least none that she’s talking about today.

But Rihanna is featured on the 1st cover of NME’s new free digital edition, and in her interview for the mag, she mentioned no to a hypothetical match-up with Taylor Swift — which makes her practically the 1st particular person in the history of ever who officially will not share the stage with her on this 1989 Globe Tour.

OK, OK, that’s an exaggeration, but the Swiftie squad does develop stronger by the millisecond, so the fact that RiRi does not want in signifies she’s on a very short list (hayyyy Katy Perry).

But she’s got motives why the RiRi and Tay are never gonna duet according to her, it wouldn’t make sense if they did.

Nevermind the reality that Tay’s collab’d with absolutely everyone from Julia Roberts to Phoebe Buffay to Wiz Khalifa to you name it — Rih just doesn’t see the possible.

“I don’t consider our brands are the identical, I don’t consider they match, I don’t consider our audiences are the exact same,” she explained to the mag. “In my mind she’s a role model, I’m entirely not.”

Seriously, though, she may possibly have a point. Could you genuinely image Tay obtaining down to “Bitch Much better Have My Money“? Plus, Rihanna could never with “Bad Blood” — that would be a BFF crime for the ages.

So, it looks like Swifties and the Rihanna Navy are just a pair of ships passing in the night. Also poor. Might’ve been epic.

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&#13 Clumsy, wavy-haired, and full of very good intentions. Yep, that about sums it up.

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‘Twilight’ Is Receiving A New Edition For Its 10th Anniversary — Here’s What Bonus Content We’re Thirsty For

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It is been almost ten complete years considering that Stephenie Meyer’s dreamy vision of a vampire-human adore affair in the meadow became a typeset reality in “Twilight,” the very first installment of her 4-book-film-film-international-phenom “Saga” which originally hit shelves on Oct. 5, 2005.

But the series promised its super devoted fanbase “Forever,” and it looks like forever is what we’re obtaining due to the fact, yes, even much more “Twilight” is on the way.

To celebrate the first book’s huge birthday, publisher Little Brown will be releasing a new edition of the initial book featuring some mouthwatering bonus content material that is sure to have all the hearts aflutter — and we have a few requests.

  • “Midnight Sun.”

    Stephenie Meyer’s unfinished version of Edward Cullen’s perspective of the 1st novel has in no way been published — except online, unlawfully and then on Stephenie Meyer’s personal website. But she has by no means closed the book on the story totally — it was put “on hold indefinitely” but never ever cancelled. So, probably this edition could contain the draft — or even, gasp, a completed vision of the new spin? (Hey, we know it’s a extended-shot, but dare to dream, correct?)

  • Or maybe even a new perspective?

    Even if Meyer is not feeling up to the job of finishing her first Edward Cullen viewpoint work (understandable) there are nonetheless a lot of other fan-favourite characters to mind-mine from — like, say, Alice Cullen. We still haven’t gotten to see, from her written point of view, specifically how those visions work. As considerably as Steph loves her, we’re completely betting on Alice.

  • Charlie and Renée, a short history.

    “Breaking Dawn – Element 1″ showed us just how freakin’ cute the former Swans need to have been together. It might be a little sadspice, sure, but a backstory on Chief Swan and the former Mrs. would be adorable all the very same.

  • Deleted scenes?

    It is extremely attainable that the very first “Twilight” edition integrated some material that got snipped out in the editorial method for length’s sake, but now we can totally feast on that. Bring. It. ON.

“It’s wonderful to me that ten years have passed considering that ’Twilight’ was first published,” Meyer stated in a statement. “For me, this anniversary is a celebration of the fans, with all of their extraordinary passion and dedication. I’m excited to get to spend time with them once again.”

The hardcover edition will be released on Oct. six, with the paperback version following on Oct. 27.

To promote the release, Meyer will attend New York Comic-Con for an event and autographing session on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 1:45 p.m. EST, and she will also speak with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz for a particular “After Hours” episode devoted to the 10th Anniversary of “Twilight” and the new edition of the novel that the entire planet sunk its teeth into.

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&#13 Clumsy, wavy-haired, and complete of excellent intentions. Yep, that about sums it up.

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