The Chainsmokers Closed Out 2016 By Debuting Their Very first 2017 Track

It appears like Ed Sheeran is not the only a single kicking off 2017 with new tracks.

The Chainsmokers are not wasting the momentum of their crazy year, and are racing complete speed ahead into the subsequent a single with new music — and they are maintaining it 💯 with their live show thanks to some rad surprises, as well.

At the Los Angeles Convention Center on December 30, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart didn’t just roll by way of “Closer” and their biggest hits of 2016: They brought out special guests, like Big Sean and the Backstreet Boys, for an epic finale of a concert for their definitively epic year.

A fantastic way to get a crowd of thousands singing along is give ’em “I Want It That Way” fresh from the supply, which is specifically what BSB did.

As for their new song — which fans are tagging as #Paris provided its setting in the City of Light — they have been much more than happy to give their L.A. crowd a full performance of their first single of 2017.

Will #Paris be the “Closer” of 2016? Only time will inform, but it looks like that track is not the only trick they have up their sleeves:


First Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Has Big Laughs, Not Adequate Child Groot

The 1st teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just dropped, and it does not function almost adequate Child Groot. (Just saying.) What it does incorporate, nevertheless, is an update on Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Gamora’s (Zoe Saldana) relationship, or lack thereof, courtesy of Drax (Dave Bautista).

In the teaser, Drax not only advises Quill to locate a lady “as pathetic” as he is, rather than pine after Gamora, but he also drops the greatest, and most prolific life guidance of all time: “There are two kinds of beings in the universe — those who dance and those who do not.” It really is unclear when James Gunn’s Guardians joined the Step Up universe, but I am here for it.

The teaser also gives us a glimpse into some of the groovy action in Vol. 2. A battle-ready Gamora draws her blade, whilst her half-sister Nebula (Karen Gillan) can be observed sporting an exciting new look. Meanwhile, Yondu (Michael Rooker) — and his new red mohawk — is noticed walking, rather menacingly, down a bridge with Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). Ultimately, at the extremely end, we get a considerably-too-brief look at Baby Groot.

Does this imply Rocket and Child Groot get separated? Since I do not believe my heart could take it.


73rd Venice Film Festival, first week round-up

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land

As the lights went on at this year’s Venice Film Festival they did so by means of a gloom left by the earthquake in Amatrice only a week earlier. The first-night dinner and beach party had been cancelled to honour the victims, and the festival issued a statement of solidarity. Under the circumstances, opening film La La Land had a difficult job to lift the mood but could not have been much better suited: this is a gloriously old-fashioned musical in the vintage MGM mould, full with toe-tapping numbers, handsome stars and a Tinseltown backdrop.

It begins in a targeted traffic jam on a hot sunny day in Los Angeles, with vehicle drivers compelled to spring from their cars to sing and dance atop them in an upbeat inversion of REM’s video to “Everybody Hurts”. Here we meet Seb (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone), and they meet every single other. He is a pianist and jazz junkie with his head in the previous she is an aspiring actress prepared for her close-up but stuck serving lattes on the Warner Bros lot. Initial antipathy gives way to giddy abandon the lovebirds court, kiss and sometimes burst into song. Somehow the marriage of 1950s-style musical idiom and modern setting operates and even feels fresh — at 1 point a mobile ringtone ingeniously gives the prelude to the next tune. Gosling turns his charm to max but it’s the suitably flame-haired Stone, Ginger to his Fred, who is the warm heart of this film, and she outshines all about her. She might just maintain shining till Oscar night.


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The genuine surprise, although, is Damien Chazelle. Surely this cannot be the very same writer-director whose debut was the gruelling drumming drama Whiplash? In one particular film it appears he’s gone from Thanatos to Eros. In Whiplash, obsessive ambition became a self-destructive spiral that crescendoed in an actual death drive, right here the dogged pursuit of dreams becomes a life-affirming fairytale. As its title suggests, La La Land is hopelessly and hopefully romantic, and for a even though sugar levels start to run dangerously higher.

But Chazelle, a trained musician himself, knows when to shift to a minor key. Just when the film appears a half-step away from becoming toe-curlingly corny he breaks the spell, introduces doubts and threatens to dash hopes of a happy ending. Nevertheless only 31, he plays the audience like an old pro, and it is not possible to resist this sweeping stirring, lovesong to music and the motion pictures. What far better way to kick off a film festival.

Will this be the year redheads conquer Venice? Nearby girl Amy Adams (born just up the road in Vicenza) followed Emma Stone up the red carpet with not one but two robust turns in competitors films. In the medium-cerebral sci-fi Arrival she plays a linguistics professional named upon when 12 massive black alien monoliths land on Earth.

Adams and somewhat unlikely physicist Jeremy Renner are the boffins sent in to make conversation with the towering squid-like figures who dwell inside and who speak by projecting an inky smoke from their tentacles. The pair embark on a crash course in “septapod”-speak while the military itch to turn the guests into calamari. For when, however, in a big-spending budget contemporary sci-fi, words are permitted to speak louder than actions as director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) emphasises atmosphere and finds thrills in the humanistic rather than the pyrotechnic.

Adams is even much better in Nocturnal Animals, and so is the movie — in reality midway by means of the fest it is the ideal so far. Adapting an Austin Wright novel, style supremo Tom Ford surpasses all expectations set by the style-saturated A Single Man (2009). The new film is not reduce from the same cloth — in fact it takes stylish trappings and strips them bare. Right here Adams plays Susan Morrow, a wealthy art dealer who has it all: chic modernist house, dashing husband, crippling insomnia and creeping despair.

Then arrives the manuscript of a novel written by her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal), a brutal Funny Games-like tale about a household harassed by thugs that we see played out vividly in Susan’s imagination. Ford cuts amongst the two as the meta-text of a father’s living nightmare begins to seep into Susan’s fragile waking state and a searing intensity requires hold that never ever lets up. It is a masterful piece about cruelty, weakness and the pain we inflict on every single other bolstered by superb performances from Gyllenhaal and Adams. Do not sleep on this 1.

Even in disappointing entries the ladies have shined. Derek Cianfrance’s The Light Between Oceans finds Sweden’s Alicia Vikander developing as an actor alongside subdued lighthousekeeper Michael Fassbender. Born to pasty Aussies on a windswept coast but oddly wearing a deep tan (call it Scandi bronze), Vikander emotes her heart out as a woman so desperate for motherhood she commits an unforgivable act. It’s the kind of period weepie in which delicate handwritten letters are weighty with significance and winsome girls run breathlessly through garden gates. The difficulty is, the heinous act really is unforgivable and the story is too certainly contrived to be convincing.

America threatened to dominate Europe totally in the Venice Ryder Cup. German stalwart Wim Wenders weighed in with The Lovely Days of Aranjuez, but this turned out to be a turgid affair in which a lot of hot air blows by way of a summer garden overlooking Paris as a man and woman muse poetically on life, love and sex to no apparent end.

Luckily François Ozon came to the rescue with Frantz. Set in Weimar-era Germany, this mostly black-and-white, German-language outing is a mature perform from a director not constantly known for his subtlety. It tells the story of a young French veteran visiting Germany to spend his respects to a fallen soldier and becoming emotionally involved with the man’s parents and fiancée (beautifully played by Paula Beer). Against a background of lingering European resentment that sadly resonates once more these days, Ozon unpeels the layers of a story laced with secrets and lies but leaves 1 crucial question intact, enabling it to grow to be an unspoken subtext that silently but powerfully threads through the film.

Religion looms massive in Venice, although God mainly stays out of it. Out of competition, The Young Pope introduces Jude Law as a prickly American pontiff determined to shake factors up but plagued by individual demons. Paolo Sorrentino, generating his first foray into Television, brings with him the sumptuous visuals, delectable black humour and narrative audacity of his film function. Judged on its first two episodes, The Young Pope is some thing of an unholy mess tonally and Law seems curiously cast but its quite unpredictability could make it compelling and Silvio Orlando (Il Caimano) is magnificent as a scheming cardinal with moles both human and facial.

They’re all saints compared with Guy Pearce’s diabolical preacher in the deeply unpleasant Brimstone. Set in a Dutch Protestant corner of the Old West, it finds him tormenting Dakota Fanning at wonderful length. Martin Koolhoven’s film has handsome cinematography, fine acting and a reverse-chapter structure that suggests depths to come, yet after 150 minutes of torture, kid abuse, incest and self-mutilation it all boils down to a repellent pile of pulp.

Blind Christ is a slow and sombre affair from Chile that follows a effectively-which means young man with a God complicated on a mission to heal an injured buddy. Like its protagonist the film has genuine conviction and it casts an illuminating light on communities left to rot in the country’s northern reaches.

The actual Christ is right here also, generating his Virtual Reality debut in a new section committed to the nascent technology. There is some irony in placing on a headset to enter an immersive planet when you’re in Venice. Take off the headset, step out of the screening area and you find oneself in what often appears like a 3D fantasy landscape, with beauty and architectural wonders whichever way you turn. It’s the Venice Reality experience and it requires some beating.

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Tom Hardy Gets Gritty And (Practically) Naked In First ‘Taboo’ Trailer

This weekend, Tom Hardy will vie for an Oscar for his function as the morally bankrupt fur trapper/murderer John Fitzgerald in The Revenant. It’s exactly the kind of role Hardy excels at: a brooding menace who always seems to be one particular step ahead of his enemies.

Unsurprisingly, Hardy’s character in the upcoming FX mini-series Taboo looks equally as harmful. Set in 1814, the story follows James Keziah Delaney (Hardy), a shipping heir who “has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed,” according to a synopsis from Variety. He returns to London to take more than his not too long ago deceased father’s organization, only to find that his pops was apparently in cahoots with some shady AF characters.

In the very first official trailer, we get a glimpse at the ensuing drama, which involves a lot of intense threats, a pig’s head on a stick, Hardy roaming the woods in a skimpy loincloth, and his chilling delivery of the line “I am a really dangerous man to know.” DAMN, MAN.

Embedded from

Taboo is executive developed by Hardy, Ridley Scott, and Stephen Knight, and is primarily based on an original notion by Hardy and his father, Chips Hardy. The eight-episode series is anticipated to premiere in 2017.

Boston Museum Acquires Very first Painting Frida Kahlo Ever Sold

Before it moved to the Museum of Fine Arts, Frida Kahlo's Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) belonged to the family of American industrialist Jackson Cole Phillips, who purchased it from Kahlo in 1929.

Prior to it moved to the Museum of Fine Arts, Frida Kahlo’s Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) belonged to the family members of American industrialist Jackson Cole Phillips, who bought it from Kahlo in 1929. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston hide caption

toggle caption Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Up till not too long ago, there have been only 12 functions by celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in American public collections. Now, there’s one more on show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) is the first painting Kahlo ever sold, and it is been in the identical household ever considering that.

Kahlo is recognized for her fantastical self-portraits, but Dos Mujeres shows two other females.

“They had been her maids [who] worked in her house in the course of her childhood, we think,” says Rhona MacBeth, conservator of paintings at the MFA. “We’re nevertheless obtaining out a lot more about them.”

They’re indigenous Mexicans — 1 has olive skin and Indian attributes, and the other is paler with a gold hoop in her ear. They stand against dense, green foliage dotted with fruit and butterflies. According to MacBeth, this painting requires us back to the starting of Kahlo’s career, following a violent vehicle crash that left her spine and pelvis permanently broken.

“Her terrible accident was in 1925 this was only 1928,” MacBeth says. “And she actually only began painting seriously right after the accident, so she’s 21 years old at this point.”

The two maids in the double portrait may have taken care of Kahlo although she was recovering. MacBeth gently lifts the unframed canvas off the easel and turns it over to reveal signatures that have been apparently added at a party celebrating its sale.

Kahlo, seen here in 1931, started painting seriously after a car crash left her spine and pelvis permanently damaged.

Kahlo, observed right here in 1931, began painting seriously right after a car crash left her spine and pelvis permanently broken. Imogen Cunningham/The Imogen Cunningham Trust/Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston hide caption

toggle caption Imogen Cunningham/The Imogen Cunningham Trust/Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“Frida Kahlo signs it,” she says. “It’s dated July 1929, which, interestingly enough, is the year right after the painting was produced, and it really is 1 month ahead of she marries Diego Rivera.”

Muralist Diego Rivera signed the painting also, and so did the man who purchased it, American industrialist Jackson Cole Phillips. The painting remained with Phillips’ heirs until they put it up for sale at a New York City gallery. That’s where Elliot Bostwick Davis found it. She’s chair of the MFA’s Art of the Americas wing.

“I could not think I was seeing this,” Davis says. “She showed me the back and all the inscriptions, and the truth that it had been exported from Mexico in 1929 and it had been in one particular family. Of course, Frida Kahlo’s work these days is cultural patrimony in Mexico, so we could by no means truly hope to get just any Frida Kahlo unless it had been out of the country for a really long time.”

The museum will not say how considerably it paid for the painting, but the current record for a Kahlo at auction is $ 5.six million. The MFA has been criticized for not possessing a far more diverse Latin American collection, and MFA Director Matthew Teitelbaum hopes this new acquisition will help change that.

“Our dream was to acquire one thing by Frida Kahlo, who is an artist who truly was a pathfinder and a woman with strong political views that animated her heart,” he says. “And this came on the market place and everyone knew that it was going to be essential for us and assist us invite new audiences into the MFA.”

Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) is on display via March 1, then it heads back to Rhona MacBeth in the conservation lab to try to resolve some of the paintings other mysteries — like how Jackson Cole Phillips brought it back from Mexico in the very first location.

“I have a suspicion that possibly he just rolled it up and took it home in his suitcase,” MacBeth says, “partly simply because of these tiny cracks here which are rather uncommon and horizontal.”

The painting will be permanently installed in the MFA’s Art of the Americas wing later this year.

Arts &amp Life : NPR

Here’s How To Make Sure You Do not Miss 2016’s First Meteor Shower

&#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13

You know what’s beautiful? Space debris left behind by an extinct comet bursting into flame as it enters Earth’s atmosphere, shuttling previous our fragile planet as a field of dust and rock. Space is gorgeous and terrifying.

The Quadrantid meteor shower’s brief but dazzling display will be 2016’s first celestial light show and it’ll be a excellent one. The comet whose demise is dusting the sky with debris was final noticed in Southeast Asia in 1491, according to the New York Times. So watching the meteor shower is virtually time travel.

The greatest time to check out the lights will be amongst 3 a.m. and dawn early Monday morning, according to You’re going to want to get to the darkest location you can to genuinely see the flash, even though. Remain away from city lights and don’t worry too much about the moonlight mucking up your view — it is going to be a sliver of a crescent tonight.

The show should be visible by means of most of the Northern Hemisphere, but your view will be ideal if you are in Alaska or Hawaii, making this the best excuse to get a super-last-minute plane ticket to Honolulu. (Sorry, Alaska, it’s just way as well cold proper now.) Keep your eyes on the Massive Dipper and you ought to see the meteors radiating out of a spot just near the constellation. The meteor shower will have a peak of just a couple of hours, whereas most shower peak over a few days, but the fireballs will be larger and brighter than most.

But let’s face it: Waking up at 3 a.m. sucks, no matter what sort of lovely celestial phenomenon is occurring. So do not fret. You may possibly miss the huge show tonight, but according to, shooting stars could be visible for the next couple days.


From Trading Beads To The Very first Wristwatch, A History Of Shiny Objects



According to Aja Raden, a Hungarian countess commissioned the first wristwatch from watchmaker Patek Philippe around 1868. &quot[It] was a spectacularly expensive piece of jewelry,&quot the author says.

According to Aja Raden, a Hungarian countess commissioned the 1st wristwatch from watchmaker Patek Philippe around 1868. “[It] was a spectacularly costly piece of jewelry,” the author says. Courtesy of the Patek Philippe Museum by means of Harper Collins hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of the Patek Philippe Museum through Harper Collins

Aja Raden’s new book, Stoned, is about jewelry, but on the 1st page she lays out a bold statement: “The history of the globe is the history of want.”

“There is no far more powerful statement than ‘I want,’ ” Raden tells NPR’s Audie Cornish. ” ‘I want that. I want them.’ … Even if it is an issue of survival, you still are driven by what you want and what you are compelled to take or have or sustain.”

As Raden tells it, jewelry is the quintessential object of need — and it really is the excellent lens via which to view human history. She makes her case via the stories of eight noteworthy jewels, starting with the glass beads a Dutchman utilised to purchase Manhattan from the Lenape Indians in 1626.

Interview Highlights

On the worth of the glass beads which, along with buttons and trinkets, were utilized to acquire Manhattan

The worth of these beads was famously calculated at $ 24. We mass generate them now in the billions and they are worth nothing. At the time, they had been hand-blown. They have been made by Venetians, either in Venice or in Holland, and they have been known as trade beads and they were used all over the globe sort of like Renaissance-era traveler’s checks, because glass was extremely valuable in areas exactly where it didn’t exist, like the Americas.

The query … is “What tends to make a stone a gem?” Simply because they’re all just rocks, genuinely some of them aren’t even rocks, like amber – it really is just fossilized resin, you can really melt it. What tends to make a stone a gem is that other men and women never have it, that it really is exotic, that it’s uncommon, that it excites you when you see it. And that was true of glass beads.

On the very first wristwatch

Stoned book cover

There was a Hungarian countess who needed one thing that would make a splash. And there were guidelines, there was a pecking order about how massive your diamonds can be, and so she couldn’t step outside her rank but she did have a excellent deal of income. And so she went to Patek Philippe, which every person knows is 1 of the greatest watch makers in the planet. So she asked them, “Can you make me a real, working clock little adequate to replace the diamond in my bracelet?” And back then technologies — just like now — miniaturization meant money. And this was a spectacularly high-priced piece of jewelry and it produced a sensation. And over a few years, men and women started to receive them and they had been referred to as “wristlets.”

On how Planet War I machine guns helped popularize wristwatches

All of a sudden it was not possible to synchronize firing an automatic weapon with two hands and simultaneously hold pocket watches. And so, for the duration of the [Second Anglo-Boer War], which came correct just before Globe War I … [the British] remembered wristlets and they snapped the fronts off [pocket watches] and then strapped them onto their wrists.

When they got home, the war commission started looking into what have been referred to as “trench watches” for males. And in Planet War I, they have been the lynch-pin piece of technology that permitted all the other technologies to function, from timed explosives to silent synchronized firing. It does not get its due in military history, but it must.

On how the value of jewelry changes more than time

There will usually be one thing that is the rarest rare, that is the most useful, that quickly telegraphs to everyone … you happen to be portion of the proper class, you are privileged. But whether or not it really is diamonds in the 20th century or emeralds in the course of the Spanish Empire or glass beads amongst the Iroquois, these things absolutely do alter. Simply because, what tends to make a stone a gem? Is it uncommon? It is hard to get? Did it come from far away? At some point, we might be trading rocks from Mars as even though they were huge sparkly jewels no matter what they look like. Just since: How in the world did you get that?

On whether writing the book produced her look at her jewelry differently

The truth only ever enhances the luster of one thing for me. I enjoy becoming capable to look at my pearls and know that that was a parasitic infection 15 years ago. I adore being aware of that, you know, this glass bracelet I am wearing was the crown [jewel] of the Iroquois in terms of rarity. I don’t discover it at all diminishing to what I personal. And I am very the jewelry hoarder, as you can picture.

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