The Fantastic Wall — the dragons catch the eye

Calling all Komodo dragons. You deserve a pay packet for Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall. You are the most watchable point in this monster adventure set in China 1,000 years ago. Two aerial sequences also catch the breath: massed lanterns floating up from a funeral, later a flying force of primitive hot-air balloons, some conflagration-prone. Oh and the sets and costumes. The palatial kitsch in Song Dynasty China is lavish. Even foreign mercenaries Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe and Pedro Pascal dress to kill.

But it’s the naked warriors that actually take the eye: invading giant dragons, tens of thousands, all going Komodo. They climb pagodas in mass, leap via air (in 3D), open ravening jaws, tear victims in twain or twenty-twain. If the script equalled the digitised spectacle — instead of being co-production-blockbuster-clunky, even with Tony Bourne Gilroy and Edward Legends of the Fall Zwick amongst the writers — we’d all be cheering. There’s an remarkable overhead shot of the dragons massing for the charge. What they ought to now do is mass for another charge: $ 15m, fair pay in my view for their contribution to this $ 150m romp.

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Snoop Dogg, RZA, And Frequent Will Star In The Simpsons’ Hip-Hop Fantastic Gatsby

No word but as to regardless of whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio will make an look to reprise the most well-known GIF of his career in Springfield, but get excited, Simpsons fans: A Wonderful Gatsby-inspired epic is heading your way with a hip-hop twist.

Entertainment Weekly reports that The Simpsons have assembled Snoop Dogg, RZA, and Widespread — who producer Dan Greaney calls “the Mount Rushmore of rap” — for an upcoming episode that draws inspiration from your preferred book from 11th-grade lit.

The rappers will be voicing cartoonified versions of themselves for “The Excellent Phatsby,” and Taraji P. Henson and Keegan Michael-Important will also be signing on for the episode.

Instead of Nick Carraway, we’ll apparently have Homer taking a break from his doughnuts and “D’OH!”-ing to play narrator Mr. Burns will play the wealthy guy with the lavish estate in the Hamptons, a mogul named Jay G will come along and start a ton of problems, and all will descend into madness to the tune of some original music penned by Empire‘s music producer, Jim Beanz.

No word yet as to whether or not or not Martha Stewart will have a cameo, but chances are she’ll tune in to support her preferred dinner party co-host.


Prince Memes Had been So Fantastic That Even Prince Shared Them

In the wake of the death of Prince, the iconic singer who died on Thursday at 57, there will be significantly mentioned and written about what he’s provided the planet: music, videos, acceptance, inspiration.

He also gave us lots of fodder for fantastic memes.

With his endless over-the-prime outfits, expressive reactions, and memorable appears, Prince was literal Internet gold. And he was in on it, as well. In truth, when Prince started his Instagram account last year, he launched it by posting some of his favorite Prince memes. He even named a song “This Could Be Us” soon after he was featured in a “This Could Be Us But You Playing” Meme.

Here are a handful of of our favorites.

  1. And, of course, Dave Chappelle, as Prince