Is Kanye West Having The Most Productive (And Provocative) Style Week Ever?

We’re only 3 days into New York Style Week, and Kanye West has somehow managed to have one of the most packed (and provocative) schedules of these hopping among shows thanks to him operating non-cease as a performer and designer.

After playing two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, throwing a evening of G.O.O.D. Music, and presenting Yeezy Season Four, you’d think he’d slow down.

You’d be incorrect.

On September 9, West took care of enterprise with a small damage handle and danced the evening away with his well-known household. First, he addressed the controversy surrounding his Yeezy style show on Roosevelt Island — you know, the 1 exactly where models had been fainting following baking in the sun for hours — by saying that he wanted to “make individuals really feel wonderful” and stressed that “every single and every single one’s time, insight and feelings are invaluable” to the creation of that “transformative encounter.” It really is no apology, but these tweets provide a little glimmer of hope that a chorus of concerns didn’t all on deaf ears at Group Yeezy HQ.

Then, he proceeded to hit Harper’s Bazaar‘s Carine Roitfeld-hosted Icons celebration, a shindig Vanity Fair touted as “Style Week Prom,” where he dominated the dance floor while providing its soundtrack.

Unlike his sky-higher Saint Pablo tour efficiency, West opted to get in the thick of the crowd to run via a bunch of his songs, and Kim and Kylie both broadcast his rhyming from his side on the dance floor.

He even danced with the higher-style hostess at one particular point, holding Roitfeld’s hand and swaying her by means of a track.

NYFW wraps on September 14, so there are nonetheless a lot of possibilities presented by a variety of venues and runways for West to preserve creating — and keep producing controversy.


Will Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift Ever Make Music With each other?

Calvin Harris is at present riding high off the release of “This Is What You Came For,” his killer new tune with Rihanna. But the Scottish DJ is also searching ahead to his subsequent collaboration, which — sorry to disappoint you, Tayvin fans — will most likely not involve his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

On Friday, Harris appeared on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, where the host asked if he and Swift would ever think about creating sweet, sweet music with each other.

“You know, we haven’t even spoken about it,” Harris told Seacrest. “I cannot see it happening, though. No. She’s about to take a long break, you know?” One she “absolutely” deserves, he added.

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Harris did, even so, reveal that he has “half a song” in the performs with Ellie Goulding, which is promising news, taking into consideration the two previously struck gold with 2013’s “I Want Your Love” and 2014’s “Outside.”

For now, Swift will undoubtedly hold supporting (and subtly promoting) Harris’ music from the sidelines, which he insists she’s amazing at. In an additional interview with KISS FM’s Breakfast Show on Friday, he gushed about her support, saying, “She’s super encouraging, and she sort of gets her vibe going with other individuals as nicely, you know. She can even cheer up my manager, which is an unbelievable feat! So it is great possessing her about.” Awwww.


Boston Museum Acquires Very first Painting Frida Kahlo Ever Sold

Before it moved to the Museum of Fine Arts, Frida Kahlo's Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) belonged to the family of American industrialist Jackson Cole Phillips, who purchased it from Kahlo in 1929.

Prior to it moved to the Museum of Fine Arts, Frida Kahlo’s Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) belonged to the family members of American industrialist Jackson Cole Phillips, who bought it from Kahlo in 1929. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston hide caption

toggle caption Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Up till not too long ago, there have been only 12 functions by celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in American public collections. Now, there’s one more on show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) is the first painting Kahlo ever sold, and it is been in the identical household ever considering that.

Kahlo is recognized for her fantastical self-portraits, but Dos Mujeres shows two other females.

“They had been her maids [who] worked in her house in the course of her childhood, we think,” says Rhona MacBeth, conservator of paintings at the MFA. “We’re nevertheless obtaining out a lot more about them.”

They’re indigenous Mexicans — 1 has olive skin and Indian attributes, and the other is paler with a gold hoop in her ear. They stand against dense, green foliage dotted with fruit and butterflies. According to MacBeth, this painting requires us back to the starting of Kahlo’s career, following a violent vehicle crash that left her spine and pelvis permanently broken.

“Her terrible accident was in 1925 this was only 1928,” MacBeth says. “And she actually only began painting seriously right after the accident, so she’s 21 years old at this point.”

The two maids in the double portrait may have taken care of Kahlo although she was recovering. MacBeth gently lifts the unframed canvas off the easel and turns it over to reveal signatures that have been apparently added at a party celebrating its sale.

Kahlo, seen here in 1931, started painting seriously after a car crash left her spine and pelvis permanently damaged.

Kahlo, observed right here in 1931, began painting seriously right after a car crash left her spine and pelvis permanently broken. Imogen Cunningham/The Imogen Cunningham Trust/Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston hide caption

toggle caption Imogen Cunningham/The Imogen Cunningham Trust/Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“Frida Kahlo signs it,” she says. “It’s dated July 1929, which, interestingly enough, is the year right after the painting was produced, and it really is 1 month ahead of she marries Diego Rivera.”

Muralist Diego Rivera signed the painting also, and so did the man who purchased it, American industrialist Jackson Cole Phillips. The painting remained with Phillips’ heirs until they put it up for sale at a New York City gallery. That’s where Elliot Bostwick Davis found it. She’s chair of the MFA’s Art of the Americas wing.

“I could not think I was seeing this,” Davis says. “She showed me the back and all the inscriptions, and the truth that it had been exported from Mexico in 1929 and it had been in one particular family. Of course, Frida Kahlo’s work these days is cultural patrimony in Mexico, so we could by no means truly hope to get just any Frida Kahlo unless it had been out of the country for a really long time.”

The museum will not say how considerably it paid for the painting, but the current record for a Kahlo at auction is $ 5.six million. The MFA has been criticized for not possessing a far more diverse Latin American collection, and MFA Director Matthew Teitelbaum hopes this new acquisition will help change that.

“Our dream was to acquire one thing by Frida Kahlo, who is an artist who truly was a pathfinder and a woman with strong political views that animated her heart,” he says. “And this came on the market place and everyone knew that it was going to be essential for us and assist us invite new audiences into the MFA.”

Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia) is on display via March 1, then it heads back to Rhona MacBeth in the conservation lab to try to resolve some of the paintings other mysteries — like how Jackson Cole Phillips brought it back from Mexico in the very first location.

“I have a suspicion that possibly he just rolled it up and took it home in his suitcase,” MacBeth says, “partly simply because of these tiny cracks here which are rather uncommon and horizontal.”

The painting will be permanently installed in the MFA’s Art of the Americas wing later this year.

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