Donald Glover Will Play Simba In Disney’s Reside-Action The Lion King

Amongst his Golden Globe-winning show Atlanta and his new Childish Gambino album, Donald Glover’s 2016 was generally the stuff of entertainment royalty. Now, the multi-hyphenate is creating that official by becoming the king. The king of the jungle, that is.

Glover will star as Simba in Disney’s upcoming The Lion King reside-action remake, according to director Jon Favreau. The announcement was produced by means of Twitter nowadays (February 17), with Favreau sharing a pic of Glover and the hashtag #Simba. “I just cannot wait to be king,” he wrote, nodding to the song of the identical name from the 1994 animated classic.

Hmm… wonder if Glover will work that Lion King-referencing lyric (“Girl why is you lyin’? Girl why you Mufasa?”) from his Gambino hit “3005” into the film. In any case, imagining a Gambino-fied version of “Can You Really feel the Adore Tonight?” is a lot of reason to be psyched about this casting.

Favreau — who also directed final year’s reside-action remake of The Jungle Book — further announced that James Earl Jones will reprise his part as Mufasa in the upcoming remake. Due to the fact, let’s be sincere, could anybody else fill that part? (No.)

This is just the newest thrilling news involving Glover and the Disney universe. The 33-year-old is starring as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Star Wars origin film about Han Solo, and also has an unspecified function in Spider Man: Homecoming.

Favreau’s The Lion King currently has no release date, but look out for far more particulars soon (hopefully).


Johnny Depp Stars As Donald Trump (Yep, You Read That Right)

Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Film from Funny Or Die

Ready for a quick game of true-or-false?

In 1987 Donald Trump wrote a company advice book named The Art of the Deal. [True]

That book was a greatest-seller. [Accurate]

Trump created a Television film based on the book that was supposed to air but didn’t because a football game went into overtime. Years later, director Ron Howard found the movie at a yard sale in Pheonix, Az. [FALSE]

The online comedy outfit Funny or Die has turned the aforementioned falsehood into a movie referred to as The Art of the Deal starring Johnny Depp as Trump. [Correct]

Got it? The Art of the Deal the film was released on Funny or Die’s internet site on Wednesday.

“We shot the complete movie in four days,” screenwriter Joe Randazzo tells NPR’s Kelly McEvers. The cast and crew were on set till “all hours of the night,” he says. “No one knew what the heck was going on.”

Interview Highlights

On whether or not the fake created-for-Tv film is a new genre

I never know if it’s a totally new factor, but it is certainly new for Funny or Die and it seemed like … the very best vessel to deliver everything we wanted to say about Donald Trump in a way that felt fitting for the time period in which he wrote the book [the 1980s] and that would be effortlessly digestible. … I consider much more than 50 minutes of Donald Trump is probably a little bit too much for anybody to bear.

On how they decided to have Johnny Depp to play Donald Trump

I do not believe anyone would have imagined that Johnny Depp would ever wind up playing Donald Trump. But we had the idea, we had the script, we weren’t confident where to take it, or who to take it to. We knew this was the sort of issue that necessary a huge star. …

I consider anyone who wants to be leader of the free of charge globe should be examined in any way you possibly can — psychologically, superficially, comedically.

Everything just sort of lined up where [Depp] was coming in for a meeting, you know, with Adam McKay. And Owen Burke, who’s the executive producer, was like, “We’ve got this Donald Trump script. Would you be interested in playing Donald Trump?” And he’s like, “Uuuuh, yeah. I would.” And then right after he came on, certainly, everybody else wanted to be involved, as well.

On regardless of whether Trump is beyond satire

I consider anybody who wants to be leader of the free globe ought to be examined in any way you possibly can — psychologically, superficially, comedically. It’s a weird issue to want to do. He’s a pretty phenomenal character. But it was definitely a challenge. A lot of stuff that we wrote into the script when we began in late August or early September, he wound up saying in true life, so it stopped becoming absurd.

Arts &amp Life : NPR