The Fantastic Wall — the dragons catch the eye

Calling all Komodo dragons. You deserve a pay packet for Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall. You are the most watchable point in this monster adventure set in China 1,000 years ago. Two aerial sequences also catch the breath: massed lanterns floating up from a funeral, later a flying force of primitive hot-air balloons, some conflagration-prone. Oh and the sets and costumes. The palatial kitsch in Song Dynasty China is lavish. Even foreign mercenaries Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe and Pedro Pascal dress to kill.

But it’s the naked warriors that actually take the eye: invading giant dragons, tens of thousands, all going Komodo. They climb pagodas in mass, leap via air (in 3D), open ravening jaws, tear victims in twain or twenty-twain. If the script equalled the digitised spectacle — instead of being co-production-blockbuster-clunky, even with Tony Bourne Gilroy and Edward Legends of the Fall Zwick amongst the writers — we’d all be cheering. There’s an remarkable overhead shot of the dragons massing for the charge. What they ought to now do is mass for another charge: $ 15m, fair pay in my view for their contribution to this $ 150m romp.

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Sean Astin Knows A ‘Goonies’ Sequel Will Occur — But With A single Massive Catch

Hey you guyyyyyyys! We have much more “Goonies” news to report. For starters, no, a sequel is still not happening, yet. Nevertheless, this does not seem to stop star Sean Astin, who played asthmatic Mikey Walsh, from giving up hope. Goonies in no way say die, appropriate? Well, nearly.

If the lead Goonie himself is not admitting defeat, we shouldn’t either. The classic ’80s flick is currently living on with an off-Broadway, immersive theater knowledge. (Yes, really!) Whilst preparing for his appearance at Wizard Globe Tulsa convention this October, Astin told, “I have mentioned and will usually say, that it’s not a question of if, but rather of when the sequel gets created.”

There is a downside to this whole “Goonies 2” notion, which Astin was swift to point out. He noted, “The precise makeup of it, I have no concept. Regardless of whether I will be in it, no idea. Whether they would even want the original cast in it, no notion.”

So, let’s backup for a sec. Astin is one hundred% convinced a sequel to the greatest film ever will happen at some point in life, but the original cast — the men and women who Created the film what it was — might not be in it?

Identical, Brand. We share your frustration.

Even though “The Goonies” sequel has turned into a single extended, unfunny joke, Astin is not backing down, and his reasoning for standing his ground makes a lot of sense. “It’s larger — it is truly bigger than everybody. It is bigger than even Steven [Spielberg], who created it. It is larger than Richard Donner, who breathed such strong life into it. It’s now a component of American cultural lore, and the studio has a lot to acquire from advertising it, so you can take it to the bank that folks will get to enjoy it more.”

Properly, he’s not wrong. The film created over $ 61 million by September 1985, according to IMDb. Due to the fact 30 years have passed because then, we’re going to go out on a limb and say the movie’s made even far more cash by now.

Interestingly, Astin admitted he and fellow castmate Corey Feldman, who played Clark “Mouth” Devereaux, came up with an notion for the sequel, but have been politely turned down. “We had excellent exciting working on that collectively and pitched it, and we have been respectfully dismissed.” Womp womp.

Astin tweeted out this message on Saturday, and his hashtags will continue to give us hope for the future.


I’m nonetheless upset I wasn’t a contestant on Figure It Out in the ’90s.