This Badass Test Answer Deserves A lot more Than Further Credit

What takes place when you mix Trey Songz with chemistry? An A+ test answer, turns out.

On Friday, March 4, Daphney Chery, who teaches chemistry at a charter school, Instagrammed a extremely witty response from a single of her students. The additional credit question asked the class to explain eletronegativity, which is “a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons.” If that sounds like complete gibberish to you, possibly this test answer will clear up any confusion.

“I attempt to encourage my students to believe of associations from their lives that would aid them recognize the ideas they are learning far better,” Chery captioned the photo. “Being that I only teach one particular period, I’m capable to really come up with fun activities and lesson plans that will support them like chemistry much more. But this answer is by far the most creative 1 I’ve study however!!!”

We can’t determine which part of is our favored. Is it the sassy “Yea I’m acquiring this five points!” in the opener? What about the part exactly where Trey is named out for having “no chill?” Is it the nuanced simile of “Trey like behavior?” Every little thing about this is excellent. 👏

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I never ever fed my Neopets.



Dwayne Johnson’s Baby Daughter Is Already A Badass — Even At Christmastime

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When I was 10, there was no far better specialist wrestler than The Rock. Effectively, OK, there have been far better wrestlers, dudes who were just technically much better in the ring, but no one particular was a greater wrestling performer than The Rock. For the duration of one particular promo, he impersonated five other wrestlers he’d go on to face in a match, seemingly off the cuff, and cracked me up as a kid (despite me not being aware of what 50 percent of his NSFW words really meant).

These days, it’s not surprising that Dwayne Johnson is as productive an actor as he is. The dude has a certain magnetism about him, a organic charisma that you can’t fake — which also makes him an outstanding father. Thankfully for us, we get to see it firsthand.

On Christmas, Rock shared this adorable/hysterical clip of himself singing a classic vacation carol to his newborn daughter, Jasmine (who’s barely a week old).

“Jack Frost nipping at your nose,” he sings to Jasmine in the clip, just before “she” says back to him, “Santa tries to scare me tonight, I’m gonna kick his ass, Daddy.”

Spoken like the true progeny of the when-and-future Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment.

Rock also shared what Santa gifted his pooch, Hobbs, and it’s one thing that dad and dad’s greatest pal can get behind: a “pup barbell…Excuse me.. BARK-bell.” You know, to get doggy-swole.

I will resist the temptation to make an “If you smell what this infant is cookin’…in her diaper” joke, or refer to her nightly resting location as The People’s Crib, but just know that I want to. I want to extremely, very badly.