Rebecca Black’s Comeback Single Sounds Absolutely nothing Like ‘Friday’

It’s probably been a minute given that you heard the name Rebecca Black, but the “Friday” singer is back with a brand-new single — on a Friday, no less. But never anticipate to hate-listen your way via this 1 “The Wonderful Divide” sounds practically nothing like “Friday.” It really is reflective of the singer-songwriter’s more mature pop style.

Black, now 19, told Entertainment Weekly that “The Great Divide” — the song has two versions: a stripped-down ballad and an EDM-tinged remix — is 1 of the most meaningful songs she’s ever written. “As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized there are certain individuals I’ve let into in my life that are not wholesome for me,” she said. “This song is about letting those people go and feeling power in realizing that is the best choice for you.”

With over 30 songs already recorded, Black hopes to independently release an EP this fall. “We’ve got some stuff that’s a tiny far more electronic, but I enjoy a lot of indie music, so we have stuff that is in that vein as well,” she mentioned.

When Black released the overly Auto-Tuned “Friday” back in 2011, the video became a viral sensation, hitting 48 million views in its initial week alone — but not for the young singer’s talent. Viewers relentlessly ridiculed Black, who was just 13 at the time, on the web and in genuine-life. Some even sent her death threats. Nonetheless, Black’s spirit in no way appeared to waver, nor did her passion for music. When she turned 17, the tenacious singer-songwriter moved to Los Angeles to try and jumpstart a true music career.

“‘Friday’ was a element of my life, but I do not know if I would say it is a component of me as an artist,” Black told EW. “So many men and women know me just by that song, but I’m significantly far more than that.”

Listen, Rebecca, as extended as you know which seat to sit in these days, we’re fine.


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