Adopted From Abroad? Tell Us Your Meals Stories

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At The Salt, we speak a lot about how food and cultures intersect and how we can understand about ourselves via what we eat — or don’t eat.

For numerous of us, food can serve as a way to discover our heritage. But what happens when you grow up in a household with a various ethnic, racial or cultural background than your own? How does food play into your sense of who you are?

If you are an international adoptee, and you’ve got a story about meals, residence and identity, we want to hear from you. Your story could end up on radio or!

What you want to do:

1. Record a Voice Memo on your smartphone.
two. Start by telling us your name and exactly where you reside. (Instance: “Hi my name is ______, and I live in _____.” )
three. Inform us how old you are.
four. Inform us your story in two minutes or much less, answering these questions (anecdotes are great):

— Exactly where had been you adopted from?
— Exactly where had been you raised?
— How does meals play into your sense of who you are? (Or perhaps it does not, on goal.) Are there stories or anecdotes associated to specific dishes?

five. E-mail the Voice Memo file to Make confident the e-mail involves the right spelling of your name and how to reach you by telephone.

If you happen to be not certain how to record a Voice Memo, right here are great directions from our buddies at WNYC.

As well shy to record a voice memo? You can also join the conversation on Twitter @NPRFood.

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